Stick Like Glue Radio #105 On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview J. Massey, author of the hit book, Cash Flow Diary – 10 Steps to creating wealth in any economy! J. shares some incredible nuggets in this interview, including his personal struggles getting started – don’t miss it!

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In this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview J. Massey; a husband, father, podcast host, author, and a full-time entrepreneur focusing on the real estate market as an investor and developer.

Even though he has an award-winning smile, J. Massey is so much more. In his book Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps To Creating Wealth In Any Economy, J. outlines areas and ways to improve your financial IQ.

As entrepreneur’s we can learn from all areas of business, and even though J. deals in an area that most entrepreneurs don’t, his one-on-one coach style demonstrates why he is one of the most sought-after coaches for identifying and solving problems with your business.

We have a lot to learn from J. Massey; I hope you enjoy this episode!


Main Questions Asked:

  • How did you get into real estate?
  • How did you stay so positive in such difficult times?
  • Did you ever work with a coach or was it a more personal journey?
  • Was there a defining moment when you said, “Yes I can do this!”?
  • How does the “No Money Down” situation work?

Key Pointsmade by J.

  • Started real estate investing with a credit score of 398!
  • All entrepreneurs should be about solving problems; it leads to a successful business!
  • NEVER put yourself in a position to choose between work and family.
  • You must have a dependable support system!
  • “We learn to fail forward, fail fast, and fail frequently; all the time.”
  • You have to feel convicted to help other people.
  • Wealth is a team sport!
  • Many people are looking for properties, but they should be looking for problems.
  • “Educate your market; dominate your market.”

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“We learn to fail forward, fail fast, and fail frequently; all the time.”- @CashFlowDiary on #StickLikeGlue with @newsletterguru


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