Stick Like Glue Radio #106 On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview Phillip Hatfield, author of the hit book, Carried by Angles, and Phillip shares some valuable wisdom based on his career and incredible personal struggles – don’t miss this inspiring show.

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Carried by Angles



In this episode, I interview Phillip Hatfield, author of “Carried by Angels.” He is a man with an amazing story. When Phillip’s grades and attendance weren’t up to scratch in his sophomore year of college he got kicked out and started to work at Church’s Chicken.  Phillip recognized this opportunity and worked his way up the corporate ladder in the business world. In 2008 after a tragic accident Phillip lost his left leg and is now an amputee. In our conversation we discuss lessons in life, business and how Phillip personally learned how to succeed against all odds and turn businesses around 180 degrees.


Main Questions Asked

  • Tell us about your back story
  • Tell me about your book ‘Carried by Angels’
  • How did you get involved with Zig Ziglar?
  • How important is an entrepreneur’s attitude to their success?


Key Lessons Learned

  • Ask yourself: Is the glass half full or is the glass half empty?
  • How do you view your difficult situations: Is it a devastating event or an opportunity to shine?
  • How do you make the best of what you have?
  • Start investing in people and get to know them
  • Find out what people’s dreams are & teach them to dream again
  • What is your vision: Can you see yourself actually achieving that goal?
  • You can teach people to dream again (make sure they see the goal)
  • We are not made to be alone, we are made for relationships (work as a team)
  • A season of crisis or ‘struggle’ can often mold who you are today and bring out the best
  • As workers try to achieve their goals companies achieve their corporate goal too
  • If a company has no ‘goals’ or dreams how do they know where they want to go?
  • Attitude is the number one thing in friendships, relationships; everything!
  • Ask yourself ‘what are you grateful for’ and frame your day in a positive light from early in the morning
  • Sometimes we don’t realize what a wonderful business we have
  • Do a “check up from the neck up” and ask yourself “do I have a good attitude?”
  • Deliver value that is in excess of what people expect


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Find out what a “check up from the neck up” is in this interview Carried by Angels author Phillip Hatfield


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