Stick Like Glue Radio #115 On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview bestselling author Greg Jameson about his new hit book, Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets! Don’t miss it!

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Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets

On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview bestselling author Greg Jameson about his new hit book, Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets! Don’t miss it!

Main Questions Asked

  • Is this a book about bashing Amazon? What’s with the title?
  • What compelled you to write this book at this time?
  • Is ‘what would Jeff (CEO of Amazon) do’ your mantra?
  • Can you describe what the acronym P-O-W-E-R and what it stands for?
  • If search engines aren’t the primary method for driving traffic, what should someone do instead?
  • How often do you recommend businesses email their list?
  • How do you feel about video?
  • What tips do you have for people to grow a list if they are just starting out?
  • Talk about Facebook and the pay-to-play model as well as LinkedIn and Google Plus
  • Tell us about the importance of analytics and testing

Key Lessons Learned
The P-O-W-E-R acronym stands for the following:

  • P– Plenty of traffic
  • O– Offer something for free
  • W– Win their trust
  • E– Engaging experience
  • R– Request an action


  • Most people thing if you get listed #1 on Google you will be popular
  • You get to be listed #1 on Google because you have already done things to be popular


  • Email is still one of the best drivers of traffic and conversion there is
  • Email the people who are already following you
  • Keep in contact at least once a week with your list
  • Give readers something powerful so they want to subscribe to the email list
  • Find someone in an adjacent industry to yours and get them to email their list on your behalf to in order to build your list
  • Offer value and be ‘be a go-giver’ before asking for a favor from the business


  • Video is critical these days as many people would rather watch than read
  • Almost every E-commerce site has multiple pictures of a product but few have a sales person ‘showing’ usage (use this to your advantage)
  • Video is a way to bring you almost ‘face-to-face’ with your audience
  • Videos’ are the easiest thing to share on social media (and most sharable)

Social Media

  • Be aware that Facebook is going for a pay-to-play model for businesses
  • You need to have solid shareable content otherwise your visibility will remain small
  • Remember there is always the option to pay to boost your business posts
  • Google Plus- hangouts is still valid, however as a social network aspect is not as big
  • LinkedIn – the business social network with the feed is becoming more like Facebook

Learning from Amazon

  • Creating trust is important for online businesses and can be easily recreated via a review system similar to Amazon
  • Amazon wins trust because they post both good and bad reviews
  • If you only show good reviews it is probably not believable
  • Amazon does a great deal of testing on all aspects of the website that is important
  • Small businesses can follow the lead of testing e.g an email with two subjects lines or two different product pages to test which is most effective before blasting to your list

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