This one hits close to home – in a minute I’ll explain why.

Jessica Rhodes is the founder and co-owner of Interview Connections.

Several years ago, Jessica literally created the podcast booking industry.

Today, along with her business partner, Margy Feldhuhn, she has scaled this amazing business to over $1M in annual revenue.

I know this story well, as Jessica has not only been a member of the Dream Business Mastermind, she’s also my daughter!


That’s why this one is “close to home”.

When Jessica was pregnant with Nathan, my first grandson, I helped her start a virtual assistant business and I was her first client.

One of the many things that Jessica did for me was get me booked as a guest on podcasts to promote my books and coaching program.

Six months after becoming an entrepreneur, Jessica and I recognized that booking me on podcasts was a business into itself.

That’s when Interview Connections was born.

Jessica joined my coaching program and said, “I want to grow to six figures quickly, how do I do it?”

My answer may have sounded more like a dad than a coach, because I told her, “We can get you there very quickly, just do everything I tell you to do!”

Jessica was indeed a great student and moved quickly to put the various pieces of my Million Dollar Platform together.

She started blogging, doing videos, and becoming a guest expert on podcasts herself.

Within 3 years, following the plan, she grew Interview Connections to $500K in revenue!

Part of the accelerant was when my team at Success Advantage Publishing and I helped Jessica publish the groundbreaking Interview Connections book.


The success that Jessica has created is remarkable and inspiring.

If you’re looking for help to get your business to the next level, then connect with me and learn more about the Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program.

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I’m around if you want to talk about it.

Just saying :-)