Jeff Herring is the creator of Content Creation Nation and Smart Content Income.

Through Jeff’s programs and courses, his students and members nationwide discover how to create, repurpose, and profit with all kinds of content – aka, what you know!

Early in his career, Jeff was a successful marriage therapist who was the envy of many of his peers because he figured out that content was key to filling the waiting room. As the internet developed, Jeff began transferring his skill at article marketing and began exponentially getting a bigger return on his efforts.

When Jeff relocated to Atlanta, he dove head first into the online marketing space.

I first met Jeff about 10 years ago at a Glazer-Kennedy Marketing event.

Bill Glazer said that

“Jeff Herring has fast become a Living Legend of Traffic Generation, and more importantly, quality traffic generation via Content Marketing. He’s the go-to gunslinger showing entrepreneurs, online marketers, authors, and local practice professionals and other how to leverage their know-how and content and the power of the internet with an auto-pilot system.”

That is high praise indeed.

A few years later I started coaching Jeff and he also became a member of my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching program.

Each month on our group mastermind calls, Jeff shares his gifts with the other members, and he has also personally helped my business with his content marketing strategies!

In a world with many “pretenders” Jeff is the real deal. In my opinion, part of his brilliance is recognizing that entrepreneurs are very busy and time starved. A great deal of what Jeff teaches and helps his students with, is repurposing content already created, across multiple platforms.

My team and I at Success Advantage Publishing will be soon working on a book featured Jeff’s many content marketing secrets.

There are no guarantees in business.

However, one of the smartest things you can do to increase and accelerate your chances of success, is to learn from someone who has already created the type of success you want.

Follow their footsteps and experience, learn from their mistakes, and you can speed up your journey to a Dream Business, so you too can live your Dream Lifestyle. That is why I love being the Dream Business Coach.

If this kind of wisdom, coaching and Dream Business building guidance you could benefit from, then apply to become a member of my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program!