Having been in business as long as I have, you see far too many so-called “experts” who talk a good game and recite things that they have learned from others.

But when you peel the onion back one or two layers, you find out that some “experts” have never actually done what it is they teach others to do.

Well, my friend, and VIP Coaching Client, Chris Phillips, is the real deal.

He is an “everyman” who has been through hard times, experienced a lot of struggle and pain in his life, as well as his share of failure.

All of this and more make him an “everyman” – someone you can instantly relate to and want to learn from.

And while Chris’ personal story will grab your attention, it’s what he’s done in business that is equally as impressive.

Chris took a simple business-like window washing, and grew it into an empire!

Today, Chris no longer climbs ladders and gets his hands dirty, he coaches other service providers how to grow their businesses.

My team and I at Success Advantage Publishing enjoyed helping Chris publish his inspirational story in Dirty Money, How to Earn a Significant Income with Your Service-Based Business and Enjoy a Good Life!


(Don’t you love the cover!)

Today, as a small business coach, Chris helps and encourages other business owners through their entrepreneurial journeys.

At the Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program, there’s literally no business that we cannot help make better, or create multiple streams of revenue.

Are you ready to become my next success story?

AND/OR, are you ready to help others create these types of stories?