Carmen Torres began her career in HR working in personnel and payroll.

She realized that HR was a skill she enjoyed and she began to excel at various jobs and companies.

In 2009 she started consulting in the HR field and the demand for her time grew so much that in 2014 she started her own firm – My HR Specialist.

One year after starting her business, Carmen came to one of my Dream Business Academy events in San Diego where she joined my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program.

I was very excited to be working with Carmen as she had a wealth of knowledge and experience that I believed would serve a much-needed area of business, specifically entrepreneurs and emerging small businesses.

Every business at some point needs HR expertise, but not every business has a need for a 6-figure HR Executive.

That is why Carmen’s business is booming!

Carmen’s extensive experience in the HR field stretches back over twenty years and she has established a reputation for her ability to help create equitable, safe, and collaborative workplace environments for countless small to mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

Throughout her entrepreneurial career, she has been sought out as a trusted advisor for her expertise in building HR departments that allow both employees and employers to be productive and flourish.

Carmen’s approach is comprehensive and holistic.

She is keenly aware of the complexities of managing human beings, both w-9 employees and virtual subcontractors, which have become such a big part of today’s complex business climate.

Carmen and her dedicated team work for a large number of clients in various areas including building job descriptions, creating policy and procedures manuals, conflict resolution, employee retention, termination structures (very important!), as well as compliance and audit standards and employee communications.

Carmen has been a long-time member of the Dream Business Mastermind and has had the pleasure of assisting some of its members with their HR needs.

My team and I at Success Advantage Publishing are currently assisting Carmen publish her first book!

There are no guarantees in business.

However, one of the smartest things you can do to increase and accelerate your chances of success, is to learn from someone who has already created the type of success you want.

Follow their footsteps and experience, learn from their mistakes, and you can speed up your journey to a Dream Business, so you too can live your Dream Lifestyle.

That is why I love being the Dream Business Coach and working with great clients like Carmen.

If this kind of wisdom, coaching, and Dream Business building guidance you could benefit from, then apply to become a member of my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program!