Why white space is important for your newsletter? There is a myth that white space in web pages, e-newsletters or even print newsletter are wasted space, and should therefore be eliminated. However, this myth is false – white space is extremely important and useful, especially if you’re incorporating it into your very own e-mail newsletter.

What is white space?

White space, also known as negative space, has two components: undefined white space, and active white space. The former is what you see the moment you open up a blank document, while active white space is when you place an object in the undefined white space.It should be worth noting that white space isn’t always white. It can also be brown, black, or any solid color that is found in the background.

White Space Importance

Before worrying about white space, here is something to keep in mind. The readability of your newsletter is your primary concern, because without the readability of the newsletter, all the good content and the graphics would go to waste.

White space ensures that your content will be readable to the viewers since it highlights the important parts of your newsletter such as the titles, headings and the body of the newsletter itself.

White space also helps the reader get to the important parts of the newsletter. You can create “padding” that would help steer the reader into the direction that you want them to go. By carefully planning the layout, graphical locations and texts, the white space would serve as an important contrast to these designs.

Finally, white space can speed up interaction. When the readers are in a hurry and the site takes forever to load, all the hard work would go to waste. If white space is present and the website is uncluttered, the reader would most likely spend less time in looking for what they want.

Don’t say no to white space. Incorporate the use of white space in your newsletter and reap the benefits given by white space.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

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