This is one question that crosses entrepreneurs minds at some point in their business development. Though a single platform that fits all business operations will be great because clients can get everything faster, it is never the best idea. Many people will wonder how a system can be great yet it is not recommended!

Think of a retail store that offers a lot of products on the front section and also runs a wholesale section on the backyard. Many clients will enjoy getting everything under one roof while the business can keep the costs low.

However, this could greatly hamper your success. Most people that come to your business hail from different segments. Therefore, their aspirations are different and, could feel undercharged if pooled together with everything else. The modern customer wants to feel valued and engaged. If you develop different platforms for every market segment, it will be easy to reach the targeted pages or posts with a few clicks from searches on search engines. Do not bundle everything together, wake up and craft the best platforms for every segment of your clients.