Have you ever had a great idea or opportunity to grow your business, but through all your desire and excitement to push forward and make it happen, some small feeling was tugging at you giving you pause? That is your sixth sense and in this episode we’re going to discuss how important it is that you listen to it! Don’t miss this short but powerful episode.

4 Responses to “Trust Your Sixth Sense!”

  1. Leonard T

    I’m sort of mixed on gut feelings in my ventures, like sometimes I’m right but others I was wrong, so try to take in all the data first before decisions.

  2. Cassandra Ellis

    That’s true, I tend to be a bit skeptical always, so when I’m not sure I tend to usually not act.

  3. Jerri Hatcher

    Haven’t they done experiments where the results point to your first gut feeling being more often than not the right choice?


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