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First of all, congratulations on your wise decision to take charge with your investment in The Cashflow Conversation Code™ today!

Before you complete today’s order and get started, I just want to make sure you have everything you need.

I have found that many of my students who use these scripts to open conversations that close deals, come back later for additional, specific teaching that helps you grow your Dream Business FASTER.

Now look: as if even all this wasn’t enough for you to find yourself smiling with excitement at your decision to claim The Cashflow Conversation Code™ right now, how about this absolutely amazing, “next level” upgrade at your instant-online-access fingertips!

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What Is The Dream Business Blueprint™?

It’s everything else you need to create your Dream Lifestyle and enjoy your Dream Business Now.

Here’s the backstory:

Over the past couple years, I have created my Magnum Opus of teachings, tactics, and success strategies that help entrepreneurs, service providers, and others, like you, create and enjoy the Dream Business that supports your Dream Lifestyle.

I shared these things with select attendees who came to Dream Business Academy events or signed up for one-time-only virtual courses, recorded them, then stashed them away.

In fact, the course that has evolved into The Cashflow Conversation Code™ (and its companion, Create Your Irresistible Offer, if you took me up on the bump-up offer a minute ago) were among these teachings – they were Modules #2 and #4 of what was at the time called the “Fast Start Dream Business Formula”.

Up until now, I’ve kept it all locked up in a vault.

Only VIP members of my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program have even seen these since then.

Now, because you’ve invested in your success by claiming the resources that help you open more conversations that close deals, I am offering you this exclusive, one-time opportunity to upgrade.

To be clear: this offer is NOT anywhere else on my website and WILL NOT be shown to you again.

So stay with me and let me show you

What You Gain With Your Instant Online Access To The Dream Business Blueprint™

First, You Get “Market Dominance: Owning Your Own Media and Discovering Untapped Markets Your Competition is Ignoring”

This course, which was Module #1 in my (no longer for sale) Fast Start Dream Business Formula Program, is all about digging the well – whether you need to get the water flowing for the first time, or your well has gone dry and you’re thirsty.

This will quench your thirst as you gain:

  • Your content marketing plan, including your editorial calendar and how to structure your content

  • The “secret sauce” that gets podcast hosts, media producers, and top influencers in your marketplace lining up to book you as their next amazing guest

  • Rarely-discussed strategies that let you own market space your competition is either (foolishly) turning their nose up at, or (more likely) isn’t even thinking about

It comes with several planning worksheets that help you design your media pitches and one-sheets for podcast hosts (with samples), your content marketing plan, a sample printed newsletter (the #1 client retention and referral tool), and more.

Also included is “5 Traits of High Achievers – Sample Video for Seed-Based Marketing Exercise” – a short video that illustrates the technique that will be covered in greater detail in “How To Create Your Dream Business And Live Your Dream Lifestyle”, below.

Second, You Get “Retention Profits: Keeping the Customers You Have Longer – Generating More Profitable Repeat and Referral Business”

This course, which was Module #3 in my (no longer for sale) Fast Start Dream Business Formula Program, grows your reach way, way, WAY beyond the basic “burn and churn” model of constantly chasing new clients and new deals.

Once you have people lining up to buy your products, invest in your services, and join your programs, the next step is to plant and nourish your “money tree” by providing even more value to your existing customers while inspiring them to send you a boatload of referrals.

Turbo-charge your business growth as you add the following to your Dream Business toolbox:

  • Understanding the difference between a “purchaser” and a “customer for life” – and how to guide your purchasers through the transition

  • Determining what additional products, services, and solutions to create that add value to your existing customer’s experience

  • Delivering world-class service that inspires your customers to act as your “unpaid sales force” and deliver a boatload of eager, qualified referrals to your door

It comes with five interactive planning tools — Lifetime Value Of Customer, Meeting Your Revenue Goal, Decreasing Costs / Increasing Profits For Each Customer, Building Your “Iron-Clad Fence”, and Lifetime Value Of Customer Extenders.

Third, You Get “How To Create Your Dream Business And Live Your Dream Lifestyle – The Home Study Course”

This course is the footage from my SOLD-OUT September 2018 Dream Business Academy in San Diego.

There will NEVER be another one like it.

Originally, we had considered selling this video collection as a digital product on its own, but decided at the time to hold onto it as an exclusive resource for VIP members of my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program (my $45,000/year program) who joined us after September 2018.

If you are starting to see how much more powerful an entrepreneur you will become by claiming this upgrade, this is the reason why.

To show you the value, here’s the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Build Your Dream Business and Live Your Dream Lifestyle
  • 3 Ways to Finish The Year Strong
  • The Power of Celebrity Status
  • How to Become a Published Author (with Ann Dieterich)
  • The Power of Video Marketing
  • What Separates the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs From the Rest
  • Profit Seat #1
  • How to Leverage a Podcast to Increase Your Relationships, Exposure, and Conversions (Lyndsay Phillips)
  • Seed-Based Marketing
  • How to Write Engaging Emails (with Lin Eleoff)
  • Secrets to Converting More Prospects and Closing More Sales Using the Telephone (Chris Mullins)
  • How to Attract a Boatload of Targeted, Qualified Leads to Your Business (Lindsey Anderson)
  • Profit Seat #2
  • How to Command and Get Higher Fees for Your Services – Almost Immediately
  • HR Practices Every Employer Should Know (Carmen Torres)
  • Day 2 Introduction
  • The Reality of Creating Your Successful Dream Business
  • Mindset: Money and Success
  • How to Optimize Your Mindset for Millions (Melanie Benson)
  • The Power of the Mastermind: Rock Star Panel Discussion
  • Secrets to Doing a Kick-Butt Product or Book Launch That They Don’t Teach in Marketing School (Adam Hommey)
  • Profit Seat #3
  • How to Sell from the Stage Like a Pro
  • How to Keep More of What You Earn (Diane Gardner)
  • Profit Seat #4
  • DECIDE to JUST SAY YES to Your Dream Business and Dream Lifestyle
  • Closing

As you can see, it includes ALL of the presentations by both me and the Dream Business Faculty – the people whose names are in parentheses, all of whom are among the First Division of my most successful coaching students and/or mastermind members.

It also includes the recordings of the “Profit Seats” where we solved problems, built new brands, and more IN REAL TIME with attendees at the event!

There is so much SOLID GOLD here, it will transform your business!

“You’ve Convinced Me, Jim…I’m Going BIG, Right Now. How Do I Upgrade (And How Much Do I Save?)”

If any of this this was even available for sale anywhere else on my website (it isn’t), the asking price would be $797.

Heck, that’s what we were going to charge for How To Create Your Dream Business And Live Your Dream Lifestyle – The Home Study Course just by itself, back when we were considering offering it to the public.

Because you’ve taken these steps so far, I’ve made it super easy for you to accelerate your Dream Business right now.

Upgrade now, and you will add The Dream Business Blueprint™ for just $197 total for the entire “secret” collection.

You’ve spent more that in the past year on the value of your time just attending webinar after webinar, chasing the crumbs tossed around in hopes of finding the Golden Key.

Now, I’m not only handing you that Golden Key, I’m giving you the entire toolchest it unlocks!

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Claim your instant access to The Dream Business Blueprint™ now:


Now Just $197