Building a profitable business is a process. Success is a factor of various things, chief among them the character of the person who wants success. Building a dream business that is also a profitable business is a bit of hard work, especially at the very start of the business journey. When you start off a business, often you have these big ideas that you would like to implement. However, as soon as you start on the different phases of getting the business running, you begin to see the mountain of a task that is there. Some people may end up losing their way and opting out of the whole saga.

What to do

The first thing you need to understand when starting a business is that you need to know the path to your future. You should also operate in the future, allowing yourself to see the future and postulate about the different scenarios keeps you energized and focused on the target. Ignoring the stumbling blocks that you are facing at the moment while focusing on what is really important.


There is a game I like referring to as “when I”.  This game means that you keep procrastinating your jobs and your tasks, resulting in never actually taking off. Most people who keep pushing the start date of their tasks rarely finish on time if they start the projects at all. You should always do everything in the now. Doing everything in the now means that you complete more tasks within a shorter time period. It also means that you get to evaluate the success or failure of the decisions that you have made. This allows you ample time to make necessary changes and adapt where need be. It gives you the opportunity to be the first in the market therefore create some brand recognition and loyalty before your competitors hit the ground running.

Stop answering your phone

It is human nature that the more successful you are the more people will want your help and to be in your circle. This means that you will start receiving more calls from people, acquaintances and strangers alike. In business, successful people often do not pick their calls because they are booked and have appointments to deal with almost every minute of their day. If you want to be successful, then you need to act like a successful person/. As such, you should stop picking your calls. Not picking your calls makes you look busy and important. After a reasonable amount of time, get back to the person and set up an appointment for later. This shows that you are not only organized, but that your time is also very valuable. It will also make the people you are dealing with understand that you as a person should be respected and your availability is not at will as many would probably think and expect. This is how successful people behave and operate in the business world.