Succeeding as an entrepreneur is all about starting and edging to the next level. For Rosemary Nickel, starting Mom Radio was an idea that she held to so much, but more people kept saying it was not yet time. However, everything started running easily when she started and stop waiting for it to happen, and her venture has been growing from one level to another.

If your stuff is good enough, it is all you need to hit the road and race towards the dream business. For Nickel, the Mom Radio has created a new platform for moms to share and feel appreciated. As an entrepreneur, what you require is motivation by getting close to the right people. Think of business coaches to help you fine tune the idea and other experts to anchor your moves.

In her focus, Nickel looked for value proposition and pitched on the best platform to lever success; podcast. As one of the fastest growing platforms, the podcasts help to build content and reach a lot of people. It is also important to adopt multiple platforms including videos, social media, teleconferences and blogs to reach a bigger client base.