“Beauty and ingenuity beat perfection hands down, every time.” – Nalo Hopkinson, Sister Mine. It is human nature to always try and be the best at what you do. In fact, one of the things that human beings will always be in pursuit of while alive is to be the best and pursue that ultimate perfection. Whether it is in business, your personal life or simply normal mundane life choices, the fight to be perfect is one that will never end. It is one of the “rat races” that human beings will always be in. Problem with this fight is that at the end of the day, in the pursuit for excellence, there is the tendency to seek perfection. Newsflash “stop trying to be perfect”!

Human beings in our own nature can never be perfect. We are built to try achieving the best and in some cases be the best in our niches but never to be perfect. This means that for as long as you continue searching for perfection, then you stand to frustrate yourself. In business, trying to attain perfection, while always the ultimate goal, is self-defeating. Business by its own nature means every so often you will have to put out material that keeps your market interested in your product. This means that you always have to put out material and products that are better than the previous ones; as such, if you are perfect in your first instance, how then can you improve? This is why it is important for you to stop trying to be perfect and instead focus on achieving piecemeal success as you build yourself a business empire.

Once you have accepted that you can never be perfect, you will focus more on the content that you can deliver and the worth it brings to the table. You as a business person will put in more energy towards what you can actually achieve. For instance, if you want to put out a book, there would be many bumps that you will have to go through. Some of these bumps will look insurmountable and in some cases you may even choose to give up. Many are the times you will meet friends, family, colleagues and even partners who will argue against the path that you would want to take. These people will always want you to put out a perfect product before you can move on. However, if you stop trying to be perfect and put your thoughts down in a book, then you stand a chance of actually being the success that you seek.

Once you have your book out, there will always be critics and supporters. Take the positives and the criticism, filter what you need and use it to move to the next step. While it is impossible to achieve perfection, once you start off, there is a probability of moving as close as possible towards your dream and in due time, getting part of what you have set out to achieve.