How will your next seminar or event gain by having an energetic, insightful, and entertaining speaker to "WOW" your audience and get them out of their seats?

Will your audience love having a guest on your podcast, radio show, or TV program who shows them the exact formula to create a Dream Business and live their Dream Lifestyle, starting now?

Can your next article or news story benefit with a knock-your-socks-off interview or quote from a proven business leader who has created over $6 million in new revenues through his business leadership, coaching, and consulting - for himself and his coaching mentees?

Look no further than Dream Business Coach Jim Palmer.

Jim has truly "been there, done that", and will get your audience and listeners there, too!

He brings to your table over 37 years' experience implementing Customer-Loving™ business and marketing strategies that have turned around hundreds of businesses, starting with a struggling bike shop back in 1980 and now including hundreds of successful entrepreneurs via the Dream Business Academy and Dream Business Mastermind,

As founder of several businesses, including the first-of-its-kind No Hassle Newsletters marketing system, Jim directly works with hundreds of business owners around the globe and gets them more revenues, more profits, more repeat business, and the A-Player referrals they deserve.

Jim has also created a series of in-depth, step-by-step courses that help entrepreneurs improve their customer service and retention, change their entire revenue and profit structure, and create a massive flow of new customers through public speaking, celebrity branding strategies, and structured referral outreach systems.

He is the author of seven internationally-acclaimed books on business and marketing - including The Magic of Newsletter Marketing, DECIDE - The Ultimate Success Trigger, Just Say Yes, and more - distributed through Success Advantage Publishing.

And, he hosts his own wildly-popular podcast and video channels.

How To Book Jim Palmer

Contact Stephanie about availability and book Jim Palmer to speak for your next podcast, broadcast, seminar, or event:

Details about fees and requirements for in-person speaking appearances available upon request.

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What Others Are Saying About Jim Palmer

Numerous students of Dream Business Academy - and others with whom Jim has mentored, coached, and masterminded - share their experiences.

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Jim Palmer Speaking and Interview Topics

In addition to the below signature topics, Jim can customize a presentation for your audience or give interviews on other topics related to business and marketing. Contact our office to discuss.

  • Just Say Yes – how to create a dream business and live your dream lifestyle - bigger, bolder, faster
  • DECIDE: The Ultimate Success Trigger - entrepreneurs and business owners face hundreds of choices every day, and there's one thing that can trigger success like nothing else
  • Stick Like Glue – how to create an everlasting bond with your customers so they spend more, stay longer, and refer more
  • The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – how to dramatically boost your profits by supercharging your repeat and referrals with a customer newsletter

Kevin Harrington, original investor on Shark Tank (author of Foreword to Jim's 5th Book)

Jim Palmer Headshots and Photos

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Jim Palmer Speaking Bio

When introducing Jim at your event or on your broadcast, please be sure to use the following bio:

Jim Palmer is a marketing expert and in demand small business coach. He is the founder of the Dream Business Academy and Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program. Jim is the host of Dream Business Coach TV and the Dream Business Radio Podcast. Jim is a serial entrepreneur and creator of No Hassle Newsletters, No Hassle Social Media, Concierge Print and Mail on Demand, Success Advantage Publishing, Custom Article Generator - just to name a few!

Jim is also the acclaimed author of Just Say Yes – Create Your Dream Business and Live Your Dream Lifestyle; DECIDE – The Ultimate Success Trigger, Stop Waiting For it to Get Easier, The Fastest Way to Higher Profits, Stick Like Glue, It’s Okay to be Scared, But Never Give Up and The Magic of Newsletter Marketing.

Melanie Benson, Revenue Strategist and Business Performance Optimizer (author of Foreword to Jim's 6th Book)

Jim Palmer Speaking and Interview Videos

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How To Book Jim Palmer

To inquire about availability and book Jim Palmer to speak for your next podcast, broadcast, seminar, or event:

Details about fees and requirements for in-person speaking appearances available upon request.

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