It doesn’t matter whether am on vacation, you can always expect business coaching tips from me, Jim palmer. Furthermore, you get to learn more when you are out there in the field by meeting the real people. Talking of meeting people, I got to know Rafael an inspiring restaurant owner but currently a waiter. From the conversation we had, you can tell that Rafael really knows what he wants in the life of business. That is adorable.

He has his goals set straight and he is not seated in a place dreaming. He is working towards achieving it. Another good aspect to borrow was that he has set the timelines to achieving the goal of owning a restaurant with the help of some other two guys. I tell you, the restaurant will be on by two years’ time maximum. With the little he is earning, he is hiding some for the dream restaurant. And believe you me, the restaurant is going to go live in the next two years. That’s because Rafael has the fighting power to make that happen. The current business world is for people like Rafael who can dream and make happen their dreams.