Is Your Ultimate Dream Business Right Around The Corner?

(Maybe you just need someone to give you a quick jump-start...)

Imagine this scenario, if you will:

It's 3:00 AM, But You Can't Sleep...
(Has This Ever Happened To You?)

Maybe you're just starting out.

Or, you started your business six months ago but that "big break" you need is nowhere in sight.

Perhaps you've been at this for a few years, but you still struggle with cash flow.

Could be that you used to have a prosperous business, but for whatever reason the cash hasn't been flowing in lately like it used to.

Either way, I'm willing to bet you've had what I call the "3:00 AM Holy Crap" Moment.

It’s when you’re lying in bed - you should be sound asleep as a successful entrepreneur.

But instead, you’re wide awake staring at the ceiling wondering how you are going to make payroll, pay the rent, and a host of other bills.

Heck, you’re even wondering when you, the owner of the business, will be paid!

After everything you've done, you still struggle to make ends meet.

No matter how much revenue you bring in, it's amazing how quickly it evaporates from your bank account (where the heck does it all go?)

After just BARELY paying the bills, you never seem to have enough left over for advertising, marketing, teams, technologies, and other investments you know will get you out of this rut you've been stuck in.

You're calculating how to save a few bucks by cancelling this thing here, reducing that person's hours there, and other penny-pinching desperation moves - and it makes you sick just thinking about it.

You Believe In Your Dream And You Know You Want To Continue, But You Feel Stuck.

It's not that you haven't tried.

It's not that you're not trying right now.

It's not that you haven't necessarily been doing what you're supposed to do (or at least think you're supposed to do).

But maybe you haven't done enough.

Tried it, but got discouraged when the results didn't happen right away.

Or you've done what you thought was right, then discovered you'd been heading down the wrong path.

But you've already exhausted your resources, so right now you feel like you can't start on a new page even though you recognize the need to.

Your cash isn't flowing (at least not fast enough), and your bank account is thirsty.

How Much Longer You Can Keep Going Until Your Success Finally Happens?

You've heard about the "overnight successes" that took 15 years - but at 3am, a cliche is no consolation.

Things need to change - NOW.

You're ready to take the actions that bring these changes - NOW.

But what are these actions?

In the meantime, should you tap even more of your savings - assuming you have any left?

Increase the amount you put on your credit card - assuming it's not maxed out?

Borrow from someone you know, or a family member?

Break one of your retirement accounts for a quick cash injection at the expense of the future you've already worked to achieve (meaning you're literally undoing your success just to buy some time)?

Let's not even think about what would happen if you got sick or injured and couldn't work - even for a couple weeks. Too painful!

It doesn't matter, not now, which of the above statements apply to your current situation.

It DOES matter that you don't see yourself giving up - but what can you do?

Again - It's Not Like You're Not "Trying".

You have a website, a blog, and at least some social media going on - but you don't seem to be attracting eager prospects with their credit cards in hand.

You've done some webinars and podcasts, but the listeners aren't beating down your door asking to talk business.

You've tried social media advertising - but your ROI was completely upside down (that's if you even got an ad approved by those so-called "reviewers" - what big secrets do these ad gurus, the ones you wish you could afford to hire right now, know that everyone else doesn't?)

You committed to making 3 sales calls per day, and actually did it - for a week or so, until you got discouraged by a couple days in a row with no callbacks.

All those "free strategy sessions" you offered to the folks who DID call back - why didn't they lead to paid work?

You've Tried To Figure It Out For Yourself Along The Way, But...

I mean, sure, those little nuggets from downloading special reports, watching webinars, and taking up on the gurus' free strategy sessions (wishing you could hire them, but hoping to at least get SOMETHING for free) have helped here and there.

You've tried to R&D (meaning "rip and distribute") what you see the "big successful people" doing - emulating their landing pages, swipe-filing their e-mails, and analyzing their webinars and Facebook Lives in a (vain) attempt to figure out their secret formula.

Perhaps you've purchased courses and attended seminars, trying to find the secret ingredients that make those landing pages, e-mails, webinars, and Facebook Lives work for other people.

You've spent a lot of time (and perhaps money) on these things, received a ton of information, and sure, some of it made you a few bucks here and there.

I get it.

So do you.

But one thing has been missing, up until now...

...Your Burning Question Never Got Answered.

All along, you've just needed the step-by-step, exact how-to formula that enables you to both quickly solve your current cash-flow issue, while laying the groundwork so revenues will continue to pour in consistently over time.

You've asked for this, like, a hundred times, usually to be told something about how you just need to change your focus or your mindset.

But, as you've explained to folks several times already, you don't have a "poverty mindset" - your mindset is just fine.

It's just that you're sick and tired of the poverty, and the time is long past due for you to catch a damn break already!

Experience has taught you to dig the well before you get thirsty.

If you're new to this, you know you need to be digging the well - just show you how and give you the tools!

For everyone else, you know what mistakes you've made and what shots you've missed.

You know what didn't work.

Been there, done that.

Got it.

Okay: No More Platitudes About Attitudes!

It's time for massive action, and you're ready to take it.

No more wishing, hoping, thinking, and praying for that "break" you've been waiting for.

No more 3am "holy crap" moments.

Just get you the well-digging equipment, and the rope and bucket to pull up the water, and you're good to go.

If you're truly ready for a Fast Start to your Ultimate Dream Business, then let's get this show on the road!

Introducing The Solution You've Been Waiting For: Captain Jim Palmer's 30-Day Fast Start Dream Business Coaching Program!

Recently, I surveyed over 10,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners about what they would like to see in a really short, fast-paced value-packed program that helps you jump-start your dream business.

Since you're on this page right now, there's a chance you were one of them.

Overwhelmingly, you told me you'd like to receive a practical, how-to system that helps you quickly

  • Discover untapped markets - becoming #1 by doing what your competition isn’t doing, or won’t do
  • Create irresistible offers - products, services, and solutions your prospects will line up to buy
  • Grow your retention profits by keeping the customers you have longer, generating more profitable repeat and referral business
  • Raise quick cash now using proven strategies that boost your revenues (virtually on-demand) so your 3am "holy crap" moment is quickly replaced by eight solid hours of confident, relaxed shut-eye.

As if these four powerful lessons weren’t enough, your 5th choice was only #5 by a small margin, so I’ve committed to teaching you FIVE lessons in this 30 Fast Start Program.

As an added bonus, I will also show you how to:

  • Establish market dominance - by owning your own media and celebrity positioning

We will cover this, along with how to discover untapped markets, in the first module.

Captain Jim Palmer's 30-Day Fast Start Dream Business Coaching Program is for you if you are someone who has so much to offer, is ready to make the offer, and is ready to create the connections that transform offers into sales, clients, and customers.

You appreciate having step-by-step guides, planning tools, word-for-word sales and marketing scripts, and the support you need to apply these things to your business and your market.

If you, like me, recognize the power that comes with being ready to DECIDE to JUST SAY YES! to the success you desire and the Dream Business you deserve, I agree this may be your ideal next step.

Let's break this down in detail:

Module #1 - Market Dominance: Owning Your Own Media and Discovering Untapped Markets Your Competition is Ignoring

This module is all about digging the well - whether you need to get the water flowing for the first time, or your well has gone dry and you're thirsty.

This will quench your thirst as you gain:

  • Your content marketing plan, including your editorial calendar and how to structure your content
  • The "secret sauce" that gets podcast hosts, media producers, and top influencers in your marketplace lining up to book you as their next amazing guest
  • Rarely-discussed strategies that let you own market space your competition is either (foolishly) turning their nose up at, or (more likely) isn't even thinking about

Module #2 - Irresistible Offers: Creating a Product, Service, or Solution Your Clients Will be Clamoring For

Once you take the steps to build your tribe and attract a legion of followers who hang on your every word - including market space where you're the only game in town - it's time to get them beating down your door wanting more.

Here, we build your "bank vault" so you can:

  • Determine what your prospects will actually respond to - not just what they "say" they need or want
  • Design products, services, and programs that will get them clamoring to buy your stuff and invest in you
  • Persuade them to invest in you for their reasons - people buy from emotion, we'll show you how to tap into emotion irresistibly

Module #3 - Retention Profits: Keeping the Customers You Have Longer – Generating More Profitable Repeat and Referral Business

Now you have people lining up to buy your products, invest in your services, and join your programs.

The next step is to plant and nourish your "money tree" by providing even more value to your existing customers while inspiring them to send you a boatload of referrals. This includes:

  • Understanding the difference between a "purchaser" and a "customer for life" - and how to guide your purchasers through the transition
  • Determining what additional products, services, and solutions to create that add value to your existing customer's experience
  • Delivering world-class service that inspires your customers to act as your "unpaid sales force" and deliver a boatload of eager, qualified referrals to your door

Module #4 - Quick Cash Now: Proven Strategies to Boost Your Revenues – Virtually On-Demand

Would you like to flip a switch, or turn a knob, that brings revenue flowing into your bank account - whenever you need it?

Whether you're cash-flow challenged and need a jumpstart, or prosperous but need (or want) a quick boost to your bank balance, this is for you.  Here you will gain what you need to:

  • Identify the 25 prospects, customers, and folks in your network who are most likely to invest right now (or know someone who is likely to do so)
  • Know exactly what to say, word-for-word, that gets them on the phone and eager to prime your revenue pump by giving you their business now
  • Design evergreen quick-cash offers you can activate anytime to generate cash, virtually on-demand

We Have Made It Caveman Easy To Gain These Tools And Strategies, Then Access Them At-Will.

Joining Captain Jim Palmer's 30-Day Fast Start Dream Business Coaching Program means you will get the full value for your investment quickly and easily, and be able to go back to review the training and access the tools - even if it's years from now.

That’s right! You’ll continue to earn more money from this training and the materials long after it’s over!

While we prefer you attend all 4 live trainings as they occur, we understand life gets in the way and you may need to catch the replay.

Or, you may decide to review again and again as a refresher, or for more profound understanding as your business continues to grow.

Rest assured, you will get 100% of the value because we have designed the program logistics as follows:

  • Four Live Weekly Trainings

    Each week, for four weeks, we will meet on a live webinar where you gain mastery of these tools and strategies. There will be Q&A at the end of each session.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Inside our Facebook group, you will gain support from me and fellow members, including feedback, brainstorming, and masterminding as you master these concepts.

  • Tools, Scripts, and Worksheets

    You get fill-in-the-blanks worksheets, decision tools, templates, and more to guide you and keep you on track. You also get word-for-word sales and marketing scripts.

  • 24/7 Download Access

    All of the tools, worksheets, scripts, and video/audio replays of the live trainings will be housed in a members’ area where you can log in to download anytime.


Space Is Limited, And Session #1 Starts In Just A Few Days. Are You Ready To Get Started?

Before I show you how easy I've made it for you to take action now, let me share two reasons you want to make a quick decision.

Number one, I am limiting the size of this group.

For me to teach what I'm going to share in a four-week period over 30 days, it wouldn't work if there were, say, 50 people - too much interaction and I wouldn't be able to give you the level of personal attention you need.

Seating will be limited - probably to 20, but it's going to be a very small group so you get the attention and support you need.

Number two, as I mentioned during the Facebook Lives I do from my Floating Home, I want to remove any obstacle completely. So here's what I'm going to offer when you enroll now:


money-back-logoWhen you attend the trainings and implement the strategies that I'm going to teach you in your business, I'm giving you six months for these strategies to take hold. If you don't make a 3X ROI - which means if you don't generate $1500 in new revenue, based on the training, within a six-month period of time - I'll refund 100% of what you've invested to be part of this program. Simple as that!

"Jim, I'm Ready! Just Show Me How To Claim My Ticket Right Now!"

Candidly, these are the same strategies I normally share ONLY with members of my $45,000 VIP-level Mastermind Program.

I will teach you everything I know on these subjects. I will give you the tools, worksheets, and word-for-word scripts. Success comes when you implement this in your business.

Captain Jim Palmer's 30-Day Fast Start Dream Business Coaching Program starts very soon, but you want to register today. For what I have created, I believe this is the exact program you've requested.

I'm giving it to you at the complete no-brainer price of just $497.

Plus, as if $497 isn’t already a "no brainer" price, I'm even offering a handy 2-pay option.

Honestly, I have removed every possible obstacle to you JUST SAYING YES and pushing the "Claim Your Spot Now" button.

As I said, I am closing the door at no more than 20 and that’s it, your hesitation will get you locked out.



In case you still need incentive to join us right now, I am REALLY giving everything I've got.

Most of the people who responded to our survey (over 80% in fact) said "YES JIM, we would really like some private one-on-one coaching as part of the program."

So, for the you and the next 4 people to sign up, I'm throwing in my

FAST ACTION BONUS: Two (2) One-On-One Support Calls With Me - $997 Value!

Here's the thing: if I was to include this for everybody, I would honestly have to charge $997 (probably closer to $1997).

However, I love to reward action takers - and so many people took action, we sold the first 10 tickets that included these bonus calls within the first 29 minutes!

So, for you and the next 4 people to enroll in this program, I've added five (5) tickets where I bonus you two (2) private one-on-one 15-minute coaching calls with me.

During our calls, I will answer the specific questions that naturally arise as you implement what you gain through this program and encounter opportunities in real-time.


All that said about the value of your investment today,

Don’t Take it From Me - Hear From My Clients Who Have Profited From These Strategies

Everything I'm sharing through Captain Jim Palmer's 30-Day Fast Start Dream Business Coaching Program is tried, tested, and true.

Scores of my coaching clients and mastermind members have achieved much more than 3X ROI using these tools and strategies.

Here are just a few, in their own words:


With that said,

One Final Thought Before We Get Started Today

Right now, you may find yourself at a crossroads in your business.

As I see it, you have three options.

One, you can ponder this and think it over, then agonize the next time you're wide awake at 3:00am going over your accounts receivable in your head - or find yourself begging clients to expedite invoice payments.

Two, you can pass this by, and keep wondering when you'll "catch a damn break already".

Or three, you can take action for yourself now, knowing what you'll gain is something that will keep moving you forward as you achieve freedom from the money worry that, right this moment, may be weighing heavily on you.


I agree that the sooner you get this resolved in your favor, the more you'll be able to serve the world generously from an overflowing cup and enjoy the freedom to achieve the things you desire.

Are You Ready To Enjoy Your Financial Freedom And Ultimate Success?

Best Value

1 easy payment of



Most Convenient

2 easy payments of



If you have questions or need assistance signing up, we're happy to help!

Call us toll-free at (800) 214-6158 or e-mail coach(at)

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