Most of the newsletters that companies send to their clients are extremely long and boring. They usually talk about what happens at work, the achievements of their companies, where they went for their latest team-building events, among other stuff that readers don’t really care about.

Most of the time, these newsletters go to the trash folder if sent through e-mail, or straight to the real trash bin if it’s send through mail. So what are these companies doing wrong? They are apparently boring their clients. Are you making the same mistake? Here are three rules to keep your newsletter more appealing to your clients.

Rule One: Don’t bring up the past.

Everything’s fast-paced, and what happened a week ago is forgotten by your clients – how can you tell if they even remembered what you said (provided they read it) even two months ago? One way to keep your newsletter interesting to readers is to tell them the latest news, not a summary of what you’ve already told them a few months back. Who likes old news, anyway?

Rule Two: It’s not only about YOU.

While most of business owners would love to tell their customers how their business works and what they do, too much may not be interesting anymore. It is better for business owners to actually write newsletters that focus on the clients. What should you write about? Think of things that your clients expect, the benefits that come from your products, and how it can possibly change their lives for the better. This way, you will be sending them something they actually want to read.

Rule Three: Consistency

Now that you’re starting to write interesting newsletters, clients will look forward to receiving them. If you tell them you’ll be sending it every week, then make sure that you do it. They will soon be looking forward to receiving your well-written, attention-grabbing newsletters. Consistency is key, and being consistent also tells your readers that you are indeed serious.

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