Entrepreneurs are always looking for unique opportunities that can help to leverage their ventures and hop to the next level. Therefore, when an opportunity to make a presentation in a conference full of potential clients, investors, partners, or other important personalities comes knocking; you must set the best foot forward. How do you make a good presentation?

Prepare and keep rehearsing until the last day

Being selected to talk in a high profile seminar or conference places you at par with top experts in the niche. You must, therefore, research the topic comprehensively, and prepare as much as possible. For example, if you are an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, be factual, actionable, and appealing. You can only achieve this through preparing and rehearsing to the last minute.

Be prepared to tell less

Having operated in a specific niche for some time means that you have a lot to tell the conference. However, the allocated time is limited. You must, therefore, be prepared to tell less. Pick the most important points that will be of help to the target audience and leverage the business.

Utilize the right stopwatch

To stay on top of the time during the presentation, ensure to have a stopwatch and a marked slide telling you when to remain in a slide or move on. You will not keep turning around to check the conference clock.