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Getting Access To Your Programs And Courses

To serve you more efficiently, we have very recently consolidated many of our programs and courses into ONE membership site.

If you clicked a button on our Dashboard for something you have already purchased or currently belong to, and are unable to access that course or being told you need to upgrade, here is what could be happening and how to remedy it.

1) If the order you just placed had multiple items on it, it’s possible there was a misfire and the site only recognized one of them when you created your username and password. Don’t panic – we’re on it.

Just email coach@GetJimPalmer.com – we personally review EVERY SINGLE ORDER we receive, so it’s possible we’ll catch it before you do and fix it for you. But e-mail us just to be sure.

2) If you purchased one of the courses when it had a separate membership site, and your username and password still works for that other site, simply email coach@GetJimPalmer.com and we’ll add your access here and get you consolidated here.

3) If you purchased a course on a multiple-pay plan or are a member of a monthly program, and you are behind on your payments, your access may be suspended. Check your e-mail for instructions as we would have contacted you to request a credit card update. As soon as we get you caught up, we’ll reactivate your access.  Just email coach@GetJimPalmer.com.

4) If your question is not answered here, email coach@GetJimPalmer.com.

5) We have a phone number, too. It’s (800) 214-6158 (United States). If you catch us during off-hours, leave a voicemail with your return phone number – important, so we can actually call you back. 🙂

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