Is 2019 the year you finally stand out from the crowd and become the in-demand, go-to celebrity in your niche?

Is 2019 the year you finally stop living hand-to-mouth, cancel your debt, and put your money to work for you (instead of vice-versa)?

Are you ready to stop saying “I can’t afford that” and start doing the things you’ve needed to do for a long time…

…much faster, and at much lower cost (often $0.00) than everyone else?

If your answer YES to any of these questions then stay with me just one moment, because I’ve got amazing news for you.

Here it is:

On Monday, June 10th I’m starting my LIVE 5-Day Manufacture Your Celebrity Challenge.

You’ll be gaining 5 essential strategies you need to…

Transform Yourself Into An
Authoritative Brand That Will Dramatically
Grow Your Income, Nurture Your Credibility,
And Attract Your Ideal Clients

I’ll be taking you by the hand and teaching you the exact 5 strategies that scores of my Mastermind and Coaching clients and members have used, to put it bluntly, to blow the roof off everything they thought possible, up until then.

I’ll let you copy my blueprints!

I’ll show you step-by-step!

I’ll be right there as you get it done!

Now, here’s what we will be covering in the special 5-Day Manufacture Your Celebrity Challenge:


Day 1: The Power of Celebrity Status and Overview of the Million Dollar Platform

People buy people – NOT “products” or “services” or “programs”.

Like it or not, we live in a culture that admires and is attracted to celebrities – FACT.

They used to say that being the best at what you do will win the day and attract new customers.

Not anymore.

Highly successful entrepreneurs do not sell credentials – we sell confidence, certainty, and control. Results matter more.

Everybody has hopes and aspirations. PEOPLE buy hopes and aspirations. Again, they do not buy “products” or “services” or “programs”.

Are you addressing the hopes and aspirations of your customers and prospects?

Tune in and lean in for this one as we move you from always trolling for more new customers, to having customers begging you to LET THEM give you money.



Day 2: How to Dominate the Conversation – Owning Your Own Media

This module is all about digging the well – whether you need to get the water flowing for the first time, or your well has gone dry and you’re thirsty.

This will quench your thirst as you gain:

  • Your content marketing plan, including your editorial calendar and how to structure your content
  • The “secret sauce” that gets podcast hosts, media producers, and top influencers in your marketplace lining up to book you as their next amazing guest
  • Rarely-discussed strategies that let you own market space your competition is either (foolishly) turning their nose up at, or (more likely) isn’t even thinking about



Day 3: Social Media, FB Live, Creating Your Own Quotes and Language

This is where you begin to truly differentiate yourself from everyone else in your market and stand out as the in-demand Niche Celebrity.

There are so many different social media platforms, you need to pick a few that you’ll concentrate on – we’ll do that first.

Then, you’ll copy my blueprint for mastering livestreams such as Facebook Live – these are so much more powerful than recorded video when done properly.

What’s also important is that you create your own quotes and language – not share quotes by other people all the time. This is what makes you memorable in the minds of your prospects and customers.

I’ll show you how it’s done.

You need and deserve this – and now is your time to rise and claim it.



Day 4: How to Create Multiple Streams of Revenue

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, there’s a BIG mindset difference between a “small business owner” vs. an “entrepreneur”.

Most “small business owners” are 100% focused on driving more sales of one main product – to the point they have blinders on and simply do not see other opportunities to create wealth.

High-income earning “ENTREPRENEURS”, on the other hand, bring together different sources of revenue.

I ask all the time: why refer and get 10%, when you can add a stream of revenue and get 100%?

In this module, you will gain the Three Big Secrets to creating multiple streams of revenue, and a practical blueprint for getting them going quickly!



Day 5: Hacks to Super Charge Your Millionaire Mindset

Get especially excited about this module, because here you will discover the 6 traits common among high-achievers that propel them to experience and enjoy the kind of success you want for yourself.

Allow me, for one moment, to get super-vulnerable, because I discovered this the hard way.

At my lowest point emotionally, we had $145K in credit card debt, between personal cards and business cards. I was out of work and had cancer.

Honestly, had I not adapted this new framework – these new Millionaire Mindset hacks you are gaining – I probably would have crawled up in bed and cried!

Instead, I was liberated and ON FIRE to grow as fast as I could and pay down the debt – until one day I could say that was debt free.

Listen: your future as a Niche Celebrity depends on you mastering the Millionaire Mindset.

So, that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing live in Day #5 of this FREE 5-Day Manufacture Your Celebrity Challenge.


It all starts on Monday, June 10th.

To be clear: joining this first-of-its-kind 5-Day Manufacture Your Celebrity Challenge Facebook group is the only way to get in on this.

You will not get access any other way, and I have no plans as of this time to repeat this training.

It will NOT be added to my members’ area after we’re done, either.

Go here and claim your spot now and get your access to this one-of-a-kind challenge event.

See you on the 10th.

To Your Success,

Jim Palmer
Your Dream Business Coach

P.S. I know all about the rumors – and yes, they’re true.

I will be awarding prizes to the best participant each day of the Challenge.

Amazon gift cards?

Free courses from the Dream Business Library?

Maybe even… well, I’ll leave it to your imagination, at least until you GET IN on it to find out.