Social media is one of the best ways to promote your product in a technology-obsessed world. One by one, small businesses are turning to one of the best sites to endorse their product – Pinterest. Visually stimulating photos easily catch  attention, and you can easily lead people to your site by “pinning” photos on Pinterest, and when an interested user clicks, they are redirected to your website. Read the full article on how to make a profit through Pinterest.

Let the people know more about your product

Wander away from advertising your product for a while and just pin things that are related to your product. Let the people discover different ways to use your product and the endless possibilities that they can use it. A lot of people are on Pinterest to learn more on how to “do-it-yourself” and unleash their creativities.

Integrate Pinterest on your blog

If you have got a blog or a website, try to place Pinterest share buttons on your photos and products. This allows people to share your content on Pinterest, generating greater traffic and more potential customers to your site. Place a watermark on your images to prevent people from stealing your content.

Pin, Pin, Pin

Don’t just pin on one board. Make sure to pin your image or product on various boards so that your content will be all over Pinterest; however, you need to make sure that you’re pinning your products into the right boards. Don’t pin everything at one time at once – be sure that you have intervals in pinning, lest people think that you’re just spamming.

Be creative

Pinterest is highly visual, so make sure that you’re pinning interesting stuff that will really catch a person’s eye. Try to create original images, and not just repins from others.

Have you tried using Pinterest before? Are there any helpful tips that you can share to other entrepreneurs out there?

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

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