Businesses, at present, has come to embrace the use of social media in their marketing strategy. Formulating a competent social marketing plan, albeit challenging, is the means towards a successful marketing campaign.

1. Goal Setting

In whatever kind of plan you have, it is always recommended to, before anything else, set a goal. Make a list of the things you anticipate in your social media campaign and establish a time limit for each. Do you want to have 1,000 Twitter followers by the end of the month? Do you want to meaningfully connect with people on Facebook?

Polish your goals in order to make achieving target easier. See to it that these goals pertain to your target market. Best of all, establish a vision. Without it, the plan is sure to fail.

 2. Market Analysis

Analyzing your target market is very crucial in deciding what action to take in your social marketing campaign. What is your target market interested in? How old are they? What kind of social media websites do they usually use and when are they usually online?

When you learn what they are interested in, you will know exactly where to place your ads. In market analysis, there are many tasks that need to be done such as market trend, target market, and market characteristics.

 3. Social Media Selection

People have different kinds of needs and interests. They also have different preferences of social media network to join and be active in. The selection of social media platform greatly depends on the characteristics of the audience your company is aiming at.

4. Competition Study

Being familiar and knowledgeable about your competitors can give your business an edge in the marketing race. Which social media do they use? What do they say and what programs do they have in there? Are you willing to do just the same or do something altogether different?

5. Content Distribution

Content distribution includes the production and implementation of the content to be shown to your target market. This process is critical as it would set a first impression. Carefully plan content you decide to post on different social networks. Moreover, define how often will you deliver the contents. Consistency is very important so that readers and followers know when soon to expect you.

6. Response Preparation

The audience can have any kind of response or reaction. Whatever they may be, you should be prepared. Come up with appropriate answers and actions to different kinds of audience responses. Be helpful, friendly and answer their questions without being offensive.

Need help? You can consult a social marketing expert to help you start. Or, you can also check out many resources such as videos, books and guides. They provide plenty of useful information that can guide you through the process, making sure that your efforts are indeed rewarded.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

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