Mr. Jim Palmer, the Dream Business Coach. He speaks and interviews about the entrepreneurs and successful business. Jim talks about the key to success for every person’s dream business. As he repeatedly keeps telling and teaching about consistency and hard work.

First year of Business

Most of the people ask him about initial first year of business. They questioned him about the survival of the business. To which he replied that they were very rough and tense. He got his client after the first year of investment. But, that is how it is. You have to keep giving more and more and expect very less in return. You have to take the risks and keep going ahead. No one is going to walk in your office and offer you work or business. You have to go out and hunt for it.

It is most likely that you will be stressed with the work pressure and no results. First month, second month, third month, the success graph doesn’t seem rising at all. You are investing all your time, money and energy. Some plans might fail, giving you a very bad panic attacks. But that is how you are getting close to success.

Fix date to be successful

There is no fix date to be successful. It is the process which takes time and patience. Many people will tell you to quit and leave the venture half way. How ridiculous that would be? You try and try hard and then try even more for months walking towards success and then give up in between. Success is not going to come served on a silver platter, you have to take different roads for the same. Take risks. Fail. Stand up again and keep going ahead.


Do not listen to anybody who tells you to quit because they don’t see the bigger picture that you see. DO NOT GIVE UP. Every step you take while setting up your Dream business is towards the success. Success is possible and you deserve it. The more you get into it, the more you get closer to it. Giving up is a very easy option. If these thoughts cross you mind, wait back and ask yourself that why did you start it in the first place? It is never worth it to give up the Dream.

How ridiculous would it be to give up the time you invested? How ridiculous would it be to give up on people and contacts that you made over the period of time? How ridiculous would it be to stop in midway, when you know that success is just across the corner? It is never worth it. So keep going ahead and seek the different ways to make it work. Do not be scared to take chances. You will fail, but you will learn new lessons. That will make your journey towards success going. Do not look back, cross all the hurdles in your path of success gracefully, and keep walking up towards the glory. DO NOT GIVE UP, because that will really be ridiculous.