Hit and run marketing doesn’t work in business because it wastes a lot of resources and time. It sets a business on a path to self-destruction because all the resources could have been channeled into a different more productive area. In this post, we look at a better way of marketing to avoid hit and run method.

The first thing is ensuring that you understand the product under consideration, the brand, and target market. This will allow you to know where the clients are. For example, if most of the clients are on social media, there will be no need to try and get them using alternative methods. The second thing is selecting the right team. In many cases, it is advisable to have an expect marketer who understands the targeted market in order to do the job with commitment. Third, is allocation of resources and testing results. In many cases, testing for results is broken down to make sure that the expected impact is being realized. Ample time should be allocated to testing the results and improving them as opposed to shifting to a different method because hit and run marketing doesn’t work.