When Jim Palmer woke up and found that his gmail was unplugged for 48 hours, the first thing to think about was what could be wrong? What could go wrong? However, “Google and gmail did me a favor” was Palmer’s view after the switch of. By switching off, you are able to stay away from business and its operations to refresh and enjoy away from work. Therefore, how to you prepare for the big switch off?

Before you can take sometime off the daily business chores whether for personal activities or holiday, it is important to install the right systems. It is important to note that switching off does not mean closing down a business. Rather, it denotes that your business can progress well even when away. Take sometime thinking of a system that can work when you are away and delegate some duties. You must be willing to let off go so that people with new ideas can come and enrich your thoughts to take the business to the next level.