ANSWER: That’s also simple.

Just copy-paste and edit the scripts and fill in the blanks, then drop them into the chat window. I HIGHLY recommend doing this one sentence at a time, so the prospect doesn’t feel overwhelmed by having too much to read (or feeling like you copy-pasted a script). Where it says for you to pause and wait for the prospect to answer, stop typing and wait.

Although I personally prefer live conversations, I’ve added members to my Mastermind entirely by chatting with them on Facebook. Some of my coaching and mastermind clients hate phone calls – one of them doesn’t even have a phone number, I kid you not – and they are using The Cashflow Conversation Code™ to fill their calendars and project boards!

This system is adaptable to whatever communication mode you and your prospects prefer – just keep in mind that adapting it to THEIR preferences will get YOU the best results!