ANSWER: Okay, that’s fine.

This is why I included The Messenger Magic Method™ as part of The Cashflow Conversation Code™.

My mastermind member, who is also the consultant who helps me design and implement some of my curriculum, refuses to cold-call anyone. He says he’d sooner lobotomize himself with a butterknife (his words) than pick up the phone and dial-for-dollars, and he’s been so vocal on the subject that if he ever did cold-call someone, they’d think he’d lost his mind.

I’ve found he’s far from alone in having these sentiments.

He adapted The Messenger Magic Method™, using my cashflow scripts, and has been so successful with it he’s taught it to my mastermind members. I didn’t even ask him to contribute it to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ – he volunteered to film the tutorial for you and didn’t even charge me for it!