I want to share a powerful lesson about being an entrepreneur and recognizing the opportunities of being in control of our own destiny. A member of my Dream Business Mastermind Group shared the following in our private Facebook group. It has been slightly edited for privacy and clarity.
Yesterday we visited a preschool for our child that is absolutely positively perfect! Only problem is- our childcare will be close to $3k a month. I wrestled with this in my head and wasn’t sure what to do. What I saw was best for my kids was basically triple my mortgage payment – gulp!
After thinking on it, I realized that the good news is – I’m an entrepreneur! I don’t have a set salary that I have to wait a year to hopefully get an increase of 2%! I refuse to say ‘We can’t afford it’ or we aren’t the type of people to send our kids to the best schools. So, I’ve come up with a plan to grow my business so I will have enough money to pay for this amazing school!
This amazing entrepreneur has exactly the right mindset, and here’s how I responded:

Very proud of your mindset shift, and there are some valuable lessons for all members: As entrepreneurs, we are all in control of how much we want to earn. The first step is to zero in on the number you want and then reverse engineer how much you need to grow to be able to ‘have your business’ pay for what it is you want! I’m reminded of a famous musician once said that it he wants a new house, car or other toy, he simply writes another hit song!

Finally – being intentional about what you specifically want, and being willing to invest and step up and work to get it, sets the whole universe into motion. I know many members of this mastermind group who almost immediately after investing and joining (before the magic happens!) started to see growth and positive results in their businesses. That is the big difference between a strategy of hoping wishing and praying, and committing to what we want and taking action. Thank you for being transparent and sharing this story, I know your kids deserve the best school and have no doubt that your business will pave the way and make it all possible.