Any communication that is sent out to clients has to be done properly and planned for. In more ways than one, the effect of the communication that you are sending out will be determined by the timing of when the communication is being done. This will determine the importance to which the information is attached.

What to look out for when determining the frequency of the newsletter

As a rule of thumb, you should print out a newsletter and send the same to your list of clients at least once a month. A printed copy of the newsletter helps cement the fact that you are investing in your relationship with your clients. While printing out a copy of your newsletter may in essence look expensive it goes a long way in showing the customers that you are not resistant to the idea of spending to improve the clients relationship with you and your products.

This should also be accompanied by a weekly email newsletter that will keep the channels of communication open. Keeping the lines of communication open has a way of ensuring you are the first name that comes to mind when your client thinks you or any of the products that you offer. The weekly email attachment should always be geared towards always giving the client new information about the product and service that you offer or the industry standards and movements, with an aim of posturing you are the pedestal or the icing on the cake. At the end of it all, your client should have more information to help make better choices, but also still prefer using your products

Timing of the delivery

One of the things that customers will appreciate is when you send out information at a consistent time and regularly. Determine a time by when your newsletters will be delivered and ensure that you stick to the timeline you have created. Human psyche dictates that you will tend to attach more value to the information that is delivered consistently and regularly over a period of time than that which is sent haphazardly.

This means that the timing of your weekly and monthly newsletters should always be done at the same and exact time to ensure you maintain the confidence of your clientele. In doing this kind of research, determine what the return on investment is for your client and then look at the cost of letting out a newsletter every month. You will discover after your calculations that having a newsletter going out regularly is going to be more beneficial in the long run and helps you control the narrative and the information that your clients have and believe to be true.

Impact of the newsletter

A newsletter has a lot of information that can be passed on to your clients and whomever they care to share with. In sending out a newsletter regularly you are building a body of knowledge that your customers will rely on and create a relationship that allows then to give you feedback and helps you improve the service that you provide or the goods that you offer.

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