When starting out your business, often it is just you and your partners in a small cramped room. However, as the business begins to grow the needs of the business become more and more. This means that you will need to determine what is important and what can be outsourced. This means that you can sit down and focus on the high revenue generating activities. While you focus your time, you allow yourself to make the most of your time and earn the most from it. For instance, if you are a motivational speaker, you will need to keep non-core activities such as driving to speaking engagements, cleaning your office and such other mundane stuff. This allows time for you to focus more on how to deliver your message, the message itself and its presentation. It allows you to be more effective in the jobs that you are good at and the ones that make you the most money.


Initially, as your business starts off, you will be forced to do most things on your own since you will be saving money and reducing your costs. However, as your clientele grows, you will tend to employ people who will do the basic work while you focus on other tasks. This means you can have someone handling your database, you online bookings, managing your calendar and so on and so forth.

Effective time management demands that you release the task oriented things and focus on the high revenue earners. Let your time and the usage of your time reflect the importance that you attach to it. If you attach value to your time, then people will also value your time and pay for it handsomely. This is how you build your dream business and grow your brand into financial freedom.

Time is money

Time is money; this is an old line that has been used in motivational videos around the world. It is a line that looks mundane on its face but one that is actually very complicated in its depth. Effective time management means that you are able to make more money with the small amount of time that you have. It means that you get to value your time as a factor of the service or product that you are offering. It means that you will get to charge people for your time and that people will begin to respect your time a lot more. Effective time management allows you to better manage the space within which you operate and in this way build your dream business from the ground up.

Business timelines

In business, you will always need to work with timelines. For instance, if you have a new product that you want to launch in the market, you will need to create hype around it before the launch and then sustain the momentum once the product hits the market. Timing your product launch in this case will determine whether the product will be successful or not. The success of your business will always depending on the timing of various issues including when to launch, when to hire new staff, when to delegate and when to attend to matters personally.