One of the things that you will have to contend with a business person is the fact that you will keep following leads. One of the surest ways to develop and grow your database of contacts and clients is by following leads and referrals that you have been provided with. The only problem that many people have is determining just how many times he or she should make a follow up and how they should make a follow up. When you are a business person, you do not need to fear following up on customers. Touching base with your client pool not only helps you grow your database but also gives you important feedback on what goods and services you can improve on and how you should or could go about improving these areas.

How often should I make follow ups?

One of the dilemmas that many business people face is determining just how many times they should follow up with a customer before they can give up or before they can be considered a bother. Well, the answer to this question is as many times as possible. As a business person pursuing the dream to your dream business, you should never tire of following up on your customer. While it may look like you are bothering the client, often by making follow ups you ensure that your client keeps you in mind when making decisions. As such, when he or she decides that she wants a product that you offer or service that you provide, he or she will almost always go with you instead of a competitor.

The rule “out of sight, out of mind” applies very much in this case. Often, the person you have in mind when you require something done is the same person you will always look for.

How should you make follow ups?

There are various ways of making follow ups. Based on the business that you are running, you may choose to make follow ups via mail, calls, text, chats, skype calls and messages and all the above. The idea behind making follow ups to potential clients is to increase your visibility. The more visible you are in a certain space to a certain client the more you become an authority that he or she will refer to you as much as they can.

Making customer follow ups does not need to be to drum up new business only but also to get feedback on already existing products and services. This kind of give and take creates a rapport between the dream business and its pool of clients. The result of this kind of relationship is a budding business that grows on the goodwill of the clients it has.

As such, you should make follow ups as often as possible using whatever means you have at your disposal. These frequent follow ups may just be the impetus that your dream business needs to grow to the great heights you have dreamt of.