Copywriting is perhaps the most important skill an entrepreneur can master. The late great marketer, Gary Halbert, said “There’s no problem that can’t be solved with a good sales letter!” In this powerful episode from Nashville, TN, famed copywriter Ray Edwards gives some amazing tips and strategies you can use to communicate more effectively with your customers and prospects.

4 Responses to “Copywriting Secrets with Ray Edwards!”

  1. Herman Johnson

    Sort of like infomercials the sell presentations is the majority of the battle, so a great sales letter would go far!

  2. Thomas Jenkins

    Before writing a sales letter you should look up the great words that encourages sales like Ray eluded to.

  3. Joan L.

    I know people who write a lot of landing pages designed for products or mailing list submissions, and there is definitely a certain art to creating them.

  4. Brian Godinez

    Thanks for the info in the video, I will try to work on better copywriting.


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