Mr. Jim Palmer is a Dream Business Coach. He is also the founder of Dream Business Academy and Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program. While speaking about entrepreneurial success, Jim mentions the 6 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. These 6 characteristics goes as follows:

  1. Make that phone call:

No matter how hard it seems, you should be willing to make that phone call to your client. Initially, these calls sound very tough calls or cold calls, but you have to make them. Do not be afraid to pick you phone and dial a number and speak about your business. Slowly and patiently you will get better at it. Give it bit of a time.

  1. Wake up early:

You must be willing to wake up early so it helps you dig into the deepest for your market research and client search. Waking up early also avoids the unwanted, foolish interruptions. Early to rise keeps you mind fresh so that you can study and get more information.

  1. Give More:

You should be willing to give more than what you get in return. This will help you grow more as a person. It will help you expand your business to the new horizons. If you are giving more and more the returns that come will be great and kind.

  1. Care more:

You must care more and more for everyone around you. Your friends, family, clients, employees, and all the people. You are here to serve, that is why you chose to be an entrepreneur. You are a kind servant. You need to take care of everyone’s need in order to understand what and how the supply should be. Never ignore anyone around and in your Dream business. Every single person is important and you must care for them.

  1. Become better:

You can never reach the excellence, but you can grow to be better. Always push yourself in achieving the best. The moment you get satisfied with what you have done, you become stagnant. Try to be better and better every day. It helps in progressing your Dream business. You have to struggle for more and more. Consistency is the key to success. You have to keep climbing high and high for the success. It may seem enough at one point but you can always get more. Remember, you have to help yourself first. Success will follow on its way.

  1. Look foolish:

Sometimes it is ok to look foolish. Sometimes it is ok to tell that you do not know how to do the certain thing. Pretending to be perfect can be very harmful in the building of any business. You must understand yourself and your set of skills. You must know “authentic self”. When you get over the fact that you are not perfect, he is not perfect is the time when you actually look forward to achieving greatness. That time you are truly comfortable with who you are. And then no one can ever stop you from being successful.

These are the key characteristics that the Big dogs do in the business. So when you are starting with your Dream Business, look upon all these characteristics. Try and achieve the best of the best from yourself. And success is just at the next step. All the best.