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What if you never had to worry about quickly finding a new client, or easily closing a deal, ever again?

With The Cashflow Conversation Code™, there’s no need to worry about falling short on your revenue goals or missing out on a deal.

You’re about to discover how you can basically flip a switch, or turn a knob, that brings revenue flowing into your bank account – and always know what to say that makes it happen, while having fun doing it.

Use This Simple, Proven System that Quickly Boosts Your Revenues – Virtually On-Demand!


Now Just $47

When you claim The Cashflow Conversation Code™ right now, you get immediate, instant access to download a concise, cut-to-the-chase toolkit that includes:

  • Five (5) word-for-word outreach and conversation scripts you can have at your fingertips as you create conversations with your ideal prospects and transform them into paying clients and customers

  • Two (2) easy-to-follow training videos that walk you through the process of reaching out to prospects, getting them on the phone, and knowing exactly how to guide the conversation to your prospect’s decision to buy

  • An easy-to-use spreadsheet that helps you select 25 prospects, gather their contact information, and even plan in advance which of the five scripts you’ll use for each prospect

With The Cashflow Conversation Code™ growing your revenues and profits will be smooth sailing!

Get started right now, and in just a couple hours’ time you will be well on your way, embarking on a successful voyage toward enjoying your Dream Business!

Who Is The Cashflow Conversation Code™ For?


Because your practice depends on repeat business and referrals, The Cashflow Conversation Code™ makes it easy – and fun – to reach out to current and previous patients.

Even if all you’re doing is staying top-of-mind with them, it all but guarantees you’ll be their first call when they need you again – and your name will fall from their lips when their friends ask for referrals.

Plus, it leverages your existing relationship to persuade them to come in for check-ups, preventive services, and more!


People tend to call you in their moments of need. Many of your prospects won’t even need you until they find themselves in a jam they don’t currently foresee.

Whether they are someone you spoke with once as a result of them responding to your ad, or someone who’s used your service before, The Cashflow Conversation Code™ keeps you top-of-mind and brings them back.

Plus, you can show them “what else you do” – create needs they don’t even know they have – and get great referrals!


Are you trying to fill your event? Add some great new members to your mastermind? Are you “between projects” or looking to fill current gaps in your project calendar?

Do you want to create a “revenue event” that brings in new clients and customers while filling your bank account?

Your next attendees, members, and clients are probably on your friends’ list right now. The Cashflow Conversation Code™ opens the valve that brings in the clients and referrals you need to meet and exceed your goals!


The fastest way to get a startup moving is to get some paying clients – which may be difficult because, well, you’re a startup.

Perhaps you’re building a side hustle aside from your 9-to-5 as a way of either doing a slow transition to becoming a full-time entrepreneur…

…or as a way to add multiple streams of revenue while still having a life outside of work.

Either way, The Cashflow Conversation Code™ gets you the clients, customers, and referrals you need.

What Does The Cashflow Conversation Code™ Do?

Do you struggle with getting prospects on the phone, then knowing the words to say and how to guide the conversation in a way that leads to them JUST SAYING YES to your offer?

What if there was a way to get your ideal prospects excited about the opportunity to get on a call with you?

And once you had them on the phone, you knew exactly how to guide the conversation so that they become eager to take you up on your offer and become your client – even volunteer themselves to become your client before you ask them to?

That’s exactly why I created The Cashflow Conversation Code™, because I wanted to help entrepreneurs and business owners, like you, blast past whatever’s holding you back and get you off the revenue roller-coaster so you can

  • Quickly fill your mastermind program or event with paying members and attendees

  • Easily go to market with new offers, products, and services – without agonizing over writing a long sales letter or doing weeks of pre-launch first

  • Confidently manage the conversations in such a way that your prospects volunteer themselves to become your clients – in many cases, before you even make an offer!

  • Expertly attract ideal-fit referrals who will show up on your doorstep pre-sold and ready to buy

So if you want to create a pipeline of prospects you can turn on at-will to fill your revenue and profit bucket, and be ready to get it going in just 24 hours or less, go here and claim your instant access to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ for just $47 right now!

Believe me, I get it…

Right now, you may be looking at your balance sheet and seeing a yawning deficit in your cash flow that makes you wonder how you’ve even managed to keep the lights on, up until now.

Maybe you’ve had what I like to call a “3am Holy Crap Moment” – where it’s the middle of the night and you’re wide awake wondering where you’ll find your next client deal to at least temporarily balance out your cashflow for the month.

Then, maybe something’s holding you back – you’re afraid to reach out to prospects because they may immediately assume you’re trying to sell them something and blow you off, or you believe you’re no good at sales and will bomb the conversation even if they agree to speak with you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, any longer.

We can change it TODAY!

Imagine if you could quickly identify 25 great prospects who are likely to either take you up on your offer, or be able to refer you to someone who will.

Then, you know the exact words to say to get them interested enough – eager enough, actually – to return your message or schedule a call with you.

Once you have them on the line, you have a simple conversation flow open on your desktop so you can follow the prompts and have a natural, easily-flowing conversation – without your prospect even realizing you’re reading from a script!

Finally, imagine these scripts being so easy, that after your first couple of times using them, they become second-nature to you – and pretty soon, you don’t even need them open in front of you to help you close the deal!

Claim your instant access to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ now:


Now Just $47

Hi, I’m “Captain” Jim Palmer, internationally known as The Dream Business Coach.

With everything that’s been going on this past year, it’s been a crazy time – I get it.

A lot of your best-laid plans have long since gone out the window, and you’ve had to get really creative in order to survive, if not thrive, in this economy.

My Mastermind members have gone through the same thing.

Given all that, I decided there is no better time than to show you how we’ve not only kept them all afloat, but actually helped a lot of them create and launch new, thriving businesses!

So here’s the deal…

The Cashflow Conversation Code™ is the first step – and it just so happens I come to the table with more than a little bit (let’s make that “A HECK OF A LOT”) of a successful track record.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve built several 6- and 7-figure businesses for myself, including No Hassle Newsletters which has served hundreds of clients in 9 countries – and counting!

I’ve also hosted eight 100% sold-out Dream Business Academy events around the country, all of which I filled in large part by using the exact same strategies you’ll gain by investing in The Cashflow Conversation Code™.

In 2009, I took the next step and founded what is now known as the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program, where I’ve worked with scores of entrepreneurs to create their brands, launch their products and services, publish their best-selling books, and create their multiple streams of revenue.

Along the way, many of my event attendees and mastermind members have had one BIG, burning question:

“How do I quickly get prospects on the phone and transform these prospects into paying clients, customers, and patients?”

The methods and scripts you’ll gain inside The Cashflow Conversation Code™ were developed, fine-tuned, and perfected through my direct work with clients.

That’s why I can confidently urge you to claim them for yourself!

Some of these clients have gone straight from “startup” to “banking big-figure deals left and right” simply by following this system – and so can you!

Here’s What You Gain With Your Instant Online Access To The Cashflow Conversation Code™

First, You Get Five (5) Word-For-Word Conversation Scripts With Psychological Triggers Embedded

These are the same conversation scripts that I’ve developed, fine-tuned, and perfected not only in my own business, but in having my mastermind and coaching clients (who pay me up to $2,497/mo) use them to build THEIR businesses and brands.

#1: Open Calendar

Here’s where you call current or past clients and who you believe could use more of your services and/or have expressed an interest in what you offer in the past.

You also call prospective clients who after an initial call or two, expressed interest in working with you but the “time was not right” at that time.

How many of THOSE could you reach out to right now?

#2: Your Opinion

This slick little script has worked super well for my clients.

It is an easy conversation because seemingly there is nothing for sale – you’re just looking for some feedback on an entrepreneur to entrepreneur level, versus client vendor relationship.

You’ll probably get a very high “yes” rate when you ask prospects to get on a call with you!

Then, at the end, you transform the conversation!

#3: Who Do You Know?

This is a shorter variation of “Your Opinion” and is as close to being a referral program without using the word referral, as I believe some folks do not like giving out names of friends.

This is great for conversations with people who you believe upfront may not be a great prospect, but who may have friends and tribes who could become your eager prospects.

I personally have added people to my Mastermind simply by having this conversation with current and previous clients!

#4: Nothing For Sale!

This is likely the simplest, yet most profound, script – since you are calling and talking with clients who have already hired you (in most cases) and you’ve simply called one entrepreneur to another.

This has made my clients anywhere from a few thousand to as much as $42K in a few weeks.

It also plants forests full of seeds that will grow into sturdy prospects and referrals!

#5: Short-Term –> Long-Term

This is an actual script I created for a mastermind client that he has used several times for upgrading people who have signed up for his 30-day “jumpstart” programs into his 12-month and perpetual coaching and consulting offerings.

This is an amazing script if your client ascension strategy begins with simple offerings that solve one specific problem or create one specific result, because this is where you build long-term customer and client retention!

Before we go any further, let’s check in with each other…

Can you already begin to see the possibilities for how this will fill your project calendar or client bucket to full-capacity and enable you to constantly nurture new and ongoing conversations that will enable your business to grow as you expand capacity?

Are you beginning to gain a sense of having a business that no longer depends on 2 or 3 major accounts to survive, knowing that if a client drops off (or you need to fire them), there will be a line of prospects already banging down your door ready to leap on your new openings?

You’ll love this next part.

Second, You Get Two Simple, Powerful Video Trainings That Put The Cashflow Conversation Code™ To Work For You

These short videos walk you through the process of reaching out to prospects, getting them on the phone, and knowing exactly how to guide the conversation to your prospect’s decision to buy.

The Cashflow Conversation Code™

This is where I describe the five scripts in greater detail and show you scenarios that help you decide which script will work best for each conversation.

I also identify and walk you through the psychological triggers that cause your prospects to volunteer themselves as your clients, customers, and patients – even in cases where the conversation does not include a direct offer.

You’ll be ready for your first conversation as soon as you watch this video!

The Messenger Magic Method™

Studies have shown that many people don’t answer their phones or even listen to their voicemail – I get it, this isn’t the 1980s anymore :-)

Or maybe you’re just not going to make cold calls – understood.

With just a couple short yet potent e-mails, texts, or social media messages, you can fill your calendar with so many eager prospects, you may actually need to “pace yourself” to avoid onboarding too many clients at once!


Amazing, yes?

Well, before you dive in, you better have a game plan!

The good news for you is we have a simple, easy-to-use tool you can use to map it out.

This leads to:

Third, You Get The Exact Same “5×5 Prospect Call Planning Worksheet” My Clients Use To Design Their Outreach Campaigns!

I call it “5×5” because you’ll identify five prospects each day, for five days, and systematically reach out to them.

You can do it five days in a row (which I recommend), one day each week for five weeks (if you need to pace yourself or want to ease into this, though I again recommend using the simplicity and power of The Cashflow Conversation Code™ to dive right in), or whatever pace you choose.

The only question – and this is one you can only answer for yourself – is, how fast do you want the results?

This is a downloadable Excel worksheet you can keep on your hard drive, or easily import into Google Sheets, Dropbox, or any online sharing system that lets you upload Excel or CSV files and then update them in real time.

Using the “5×5 Prospect Call Planning Worksheet” you’ll easily

  • Line up 25 prospects you’ll reach out to, including their names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and what social network(s) you’re connected through, so you know where to reach them

  • Decide which of the 5 scripts you’ll use for each one, so it takes you just seconds to pull up the script and have it on your screen right before the call begins

  • Note the date you contacted them – that’s probably all you need to track, as the system will quickly get most of them scheduled for phone calls, directly on the phone, or weeded out by their own decision to save you time

This Is A Very Simple System You Can Easily Master – And Implement – In Just A Couple Hours’ Time!

You can claim your instant access right now and have it up and running before close of business today.

Heck, you can even have some calls scheduled today if you like!

The best part?

You don’t have to be a copywriting expert or a silver-tongued conversational maestro to get this working for you, filling your prospect calendar and client portfolio.

The way it’s designed, you can basically copy-paste your initial outreach into some text boxes or messenger windows (or leave voicemails, if your audience avatar still listens to them and calls back) in a quick sprint session so the positive responses start rolling in – possibly even while you’re still doing outreach!

Claim your instant access to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ now:


Now Just $47

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

QUESTION: I’m not really good at getting people on the phone. I have noticed my messenger chats go silent the moment I ask them to “hop on a call” – does this really work?2024-05-17T19:09:01-05:00

ANSWER: Up until now, you may have experienced this challenge because the way you worded it sounded blatantly like a sales pitch.

The Cashflow Conversation Code™ is all about using your language to simply have conversations – you may have noticed one of the scripts is literally called “Nothing For Sale!” – and open loops that will unleash a flow of customers, repeat business, and referral business.

This system lets you easily and comfortably “suspend disbelief” – the same way a movie you already know the ending to can draw you into the story and keep you on the edge of your seat – and confidently get started quickly!

QUESTION: Do I need to be an experienced salesperson to succeed with The Cashflow Conversation Code™ or can I start using it right now?2024-05-17T19:09:57-05:00

ANSWER: Actually, this system is designed with the assumption that you are NOT an experienced salesperson, or that you’re someone who is looking to quickly improve their results WITHOUT needing to take a sales training or NLP course first.

You’ll finding yourself diving in, with a clear understanding of how the Code works, without necessarily having to fully understand why it works.

The more you follow the Code, exactly as I’ve laid it out, the faster your results will come in!

QUESTION: What if it looks like I’m reading a script on a Zoom call?2024-05-17T19:10:20-05:00

ANSWER: That’s simple.

Just have the script open on your screen and position it so the other person won’t be able to tell. Center it right underneath your webcam so your eyes are still facing your prospect.

After you’ve gone through it a few times, you’ll probably be so familiar with the scripts, you’ll only even need them open for reference in case you find yourself needing a quick reminder or nudge.

Also, nobody said the Zoom calls have to be video, or that you can’t do this over a traditional phone call, if that raises your comfort level!

My successful mastermind includes group calls using a teleseminar bridge line, and most of my 1:1 calls are audio-only Zoom calls – so, do whatever works best for you!

QUESTION: What if my prospect doesn’t want to use the phone – they want to have the entire conversation on Messenger or Skype?2024-05-17T19:10:52-05:00

ANSWER: That’s also simple.

Just copy-paste and edit the scripts and fill in the blanks, then drop them into the chat window. I HIGHLY recommend doing this one sentence at a time, so the prospect doesn’t feel overwhelmed by having too much to read (or feeling like you copy-pasted a script). Where it says for you to pause and wait for the prospect to answer, stop typing and wait.

Although I personally prefer live conversations, I’ve added members to my Mastermind entirely by chatting with them on Facebook. Some of my coaching and mastermind clients hate phone calls – one of them doesn’t even have a phone number, I kid you not – and they are using The Cashflow Conversation Code™ to fill their calendars and project boards!

This system is adaptable to whatever communication mode you and your prospects prefer – just keep in mind that adapting it to THEIR preferences will get YOU the best results!

QUESTION: I’m not cold-calling anyone – forget it.2024-05-17T19:11:25-05:00

ANSWER: Okay, that’s fine.

This is why I included The Messenger Magic Method™ as part of The Cashflow Conversation Code™.

My mastermind member, who is also the consultant who helps me design and implement some of my curriculum, refuses to cold-call anyone. He says he’d sooner lobotomize himself with a butterknife (his words) than pick up the phone and dial-for-dollars, and he’s been so vocal on the subject that if he ever did cold-call someone, they’d think he’d lost his mind.

I’ve found he’s far from alone in having these sentiments.

He adapted The Messenger Magic Method™, using my cashflow scripts, and has been so successful with it he’s taught it to my mastermind members. I didn’t even ask him to contribute it to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ – he volunteered to film the tutorial for you and didn’t even charge me for it!


QUESTION: Speaking of adapting, can I modify these scripts? Will they still work?2024-05-17T19:11:59-05:00

ANSWER: As you’ll see when you claim your instant access now to The Cashflow Conversation Code™, these scripts contain psychological triggers that guide the conversation toward either the immediate sale, or the seed-planting that yields you repeated bumper-crop harvests over time.

Most of the scripts already call for you to fill in a few blanks with your own branding elements or offers, so do that first, then otherwise use the scripts the way I designed them.

As the scripts become more and more a natural part of your conversation, you may do a little tweaking on your own to match your own style or throw in a few things unique to your personality.

Either way, you’ll get the best results when you keep the overall flow and the psychological triggers in place – again, this is all designed to reduce your need to innovate!

QUESTION: Oh, and, what if I don’t have a website or sales letter? Should I even be using this before I get all that done?2024-05-17T19:12:35-05:00

ANSWER: The beauty of The Cashflow Conversation Code™ is it allows the prospect to decide to invest in your offer, or send you a referral, based on the know, like, and trust that either already exists, and/or will be strengthened, by your call with them.

Some of my mastermind members have used this system to test out an offer, get some paying clients, deliver some success results, and get case studies and testimonials before officially launching their offer.

Do you know how much easier it is to write a sales letter or pitch letter for something you’ve already done, by telling stories about how it’s worked for real people in real time?

The Cashflow Conversation Code™ can also be your marketing launch tool!

QUESTION: What is the refund policy when I claim my instant access today?2024-05-17T19:13:15-05:00

ANSWER: Due to the nature of this – and the fact that you could consume it in less than two hours and actually USE IT TODAY – we do not offer refunds.

But as I said above, this system is so easy and simple to use, its very ease and simplicity just about lock in your results – see the testimonials above, as well as the additional testimonials from satisfied mastermind members at the bottom of this page!

In fact, when you apply The Cashflow Conversation Code™ and use it consistently, you’ll forget all about words like “refund” – and replace them with other R-words, like “revenue”, “retention”, and “referrals”!

QUESTION: Okay, Jim, I’m ready – how soon can I get started?2024-05-17T19:13:48-05:00

ANSWER: The Cashflow Conversation Code™ is a digital product waiting for you inside my exclusive members’ area. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get your username and password e-mailed to you.

The videos will take you less than two hours to watch, and you’ll also have all five scripts and the 5×5 Prospect Call Planning Worksheet available immediately.

If you have a couple hours right now, you could have prospects going to your calendar today and scheduling calls for tomorrow. If someone you contact today is excited to speak with you right now – yes, you could be closing deals in the next hour or two.

How’s THAT for “massive action”!

Claim your instant access to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ now:


Now Just $47

Here’s How This Works

  • 1

    Claim your digital instant access to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ – do it now – just click the button below to get started immediately

  • 2

    Check your Inbox for your automatically-generated username and password – this will arrive within moments, so be sure to check your Promotions and junk folder just to make sure; e-mail us at if you need assistance

  • 3

    Log in and get started right away – download and read the scripts, watch the two videos, then fill out the 5×5 Prospect Call Planning Worksheet (do it in this order to quickly multiply your fast learning)

  • 4

    Put it to work for your business – reach out to your prospects, fill your calendar, and have your lucrative cashflow conversations!

  • 5

    Rinse and repeat – this system will fill your prospect pipeline – and keep it flowing – whenever you want it to!

So, imagine where you could be just 30 days from now.

Instead of “3AM Holy Crap Moments” about where your next invoice will come from, you’ll be sleeping soundly to build up the energy that lets you deliver amazing results for your new clients and customers.

Instead of building funnels, writing sales letters, designing and paying for advertising campaigns (and begging the advertising networks to LET you be their customer), etc., you just send out some messages, schedule some calls, have some conversations, and close lots of high-ticket deals.

Instead of wishing, hoping, and praying for a break so you can get some cashflow in the door, you scan your network, fill in a fresh 5×5, put The Cashflow Conversation Code™ to work, and create revenue events at a time of your own choosing.

Instead of trying to manage your business, serve your customers, and somehow find time to market it – being chief, cook, and bottlewasher – you’ll not only be able to build a team, but you’ll actually be able to hire the best people to help you AND easily afford their premium rates in exchange for stellar service and being able to work without you needing to micromanage.

Instead of taking on client projects you don’t really want (or clients you don’t really want) and then offering discounts as you beg them to throw you a bone, you’ll have a waiting list of clients BEGGING YOU to allow them to PAY YOU MORE to “squeeze them in” – and have an array of prospects to cherry-pick IF you have any spots to fill!

Listen: you’re always going to have problems needing solved.

If you have no cash flow, you have no-cashflow problems (as in, where to come up with it).

If you have cash flow, you have cashflow problems (as in, choosing between options of what to do with it).


I’ll gladly solve “cashflow problems” every day of the week!

Now is the time to take this powerful step for yourself…

Claim your digital access to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ and put yourself in pole position to basically flip a switch, or turn a knob, that brings revenue flowing into your bank account whenever you need (or want) it – and always know what to say that makes it happen — while having lots of fun doing it!

Claim your instant access to The Cashflow Conversation Code™ now:


Now Just $47

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