Can You Really Cut Costs On Print Newsletters? Companies and entrepreneurs who have recently started on producing their own newsletters may understandably be shocked at the high costs of printing alone. However, there are several ways for you to save on the production and printing of newsletters without sacrificing the visual content. Read on to find more on how to save when it comes to printing your newsletter.

  1. Use paper sizes and layouts that fit all of your content without wasting space. Paper and printing is expensive, and if you’re using paper size that’s too large for your content, you may find a lot of unnecessary space. The standard sizes of paper are eight and a half by eleven inches, which is the legal-sized bond paper, and the six by nine inches bond paper, or the letter-sized bond paper. For the former, you can divide the space into four rows and four columns. For the latter, you can use four columns and two rows for optimum use.
  1. Reduce your paper weight. The general rule is, the heavier the paper, the more expensive it is. Try to use a “lighter” type of paper – most people won’t notice the difference.
  1. Look for a print shop that you can trust. Ask around for printers that have the best feedback, and check around the neighborhood for the lowest price that does not sacrifice the quality.
  1. Scout for lower prices. There are some shops that sell paper on a lower price and haggle with the printers to avail discounted prices.
  1. Can you go without color? Depending on your design and layout, you can actually make a great black and white newsletter. It all boils down on how it is laid out and the graphics used.
  1. If you’re printing a one-page newsletter or just for a few people, consider printing within the office. You can use the office copier to reproduce the content as well.

These are just some tips for you to consider if you are in the process of having newsletters printed. While you are at it, try to ask your printer’s opinion on the types of paper to be used, the inks, and the printers. They know best, and their opinion could improve the quality of your newsletter.


Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

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