Business growth ideasContent marketing is a must in this digital world for any new business venture. The idea can be overwhelming especially when you have no experience and end up seeking the knowledge from Google. To help you swim through the deep waters, I have some content tips that will be useful for the small business owners.

This content marketing ideas also will act as business growth ideas that are essential when marketing a small business.

Create company blog

This is a great way of ensuring you have a steady stream of content. The content should be straightforward in conveying what it’s about and should be focused on the current news and data driven stories. Ensure this content is fun to read and be able to have a wide social appeal. HubSpot suggest that you need to publish a blog almost every weekday which means you have to think creatively about what to blog so as not to bore your customers.

Have the right tools

Tips for marketing a product-Selecting the right tools does not necessarily imply the number of tools. Avoid using slew low cost tools and software as platforms to accomplish every little component of their offerings. New tools are always popping up and this tools seemingly have no end. Make use of marketing automation suite and internal risk management app to run your content smoothly.

Be innovative

How to attract customers online-To catch the attention of your audience, it’s important to employ the storytelling marketing technique.  Do not write content for the sake of writing, be tactical, be interesting and make your articles high quality. This will lead to more shares and engagement. Share personal experiences, discovered tricks you’ve used and any failures you faced. Once you run out of ideas you can use the experience of the industry influencers and make it more thought provoking by using Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique.

Associate with the right influencers and platforms

Personally I like being associated with credible persons that have stood the test of this economic hardship and proved worthy of being celebrated. The same applies to your recipients. They will want to know who endorses you and who is willing to promote you. Therefore, find the right platform and influencers and take time to engage with them. Share your content across the social platforms and engage with blog post leaving comments in order to facilitate relationships with this influencers.

Videos and images

Innovative promotional idea-Use videos and images in your content. This will help hold the reader’s attention and enable you to convey your message. Add supplemental and high quality media to all your content so as to increase your average time on site. Embed high resolution images and beneficial images for your users.  The additional multimedia content will make the users stay interested and drive traffic to your site.

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