To build a million dollar business, you must be willing to go an extra mile. When I tell people about all the platforms they will require, the main question that crosses their minds is; why all the platforms? There is a general perception that if you have so many podcasts, videos, webinars, blog posts, and content, all clients should head there. However, you cannot generalize all clients. While they might all be interested in the same product (example, a fashion dress), they consume and digest the content differently. There is a client who only follows podcasts while another will prefer reading the blog.

For other entrepreneurs, the problem is getting all the content for the million dollar platform. How do I get all the content for podcasts, blogs, and videos among others in my million dollar platform? Here, there is no simple method of doing it. You need to get out and start doing it. Once you start working on a platform, view it from the point of value addition and you are ready to go.