The best way to grow your business is by building your credibility as a businessman and as a business. Building your credibility allows you to bring in new clients simply by the power of your brand name and that which you provide either as a service or as a product. The question that most people will fall to is just how do I build my credibility?

Building your credibility

As a business starting off is one of the hardest things. At the time when you are starting off, few people actually know you or your business. They are used to handling their business in another way that you are seeking to disrupt so that you can have your share of the cake. The problem with this is that at the start of your business, you have no good will at all in the market. Usually you have very few contacts, most of whom are your close friends and family. Your business at this point is not credible enough and as such, your main job would be to build your credibility.

How to build your own credibility?

To start with, you need to write a book. Writing a book is one of the fastest ways to build your own credibility. A book in a certain field of expertise shows that you are a person who has authority in that field. It allows people to start quoting your work as they discuss the topic. Once your name becomes the reference point of a certain topic, then naturally you develop credibility as an authority in that sector.

You should also have as many speaking engagements as possible. Having speaking engagement brings your face to the market. It means that you slowly create a following of people who will pay to listen to you and fall on your every word. Speaking engagements also help you build your network that you can then convert slowly into the business that you are in.

Combining the speaking engagements and the book writing is often a big score. Speaking to your market about the topic, service or product that you are selling allows you to continue building your market and your business networks. You may also decide publish videos on YouTube about your product and services. You can do videos, post podcast and most importantly you may decide to become a guest expert on other people shows. Being on other people’s shows makes you the focal point of their audiences. This means that you can then charm your way into the hearts of these new potential markets in a bit to not only grow your database but also build your own credibility.

In some cases, you may choose to release newsletters to your target audience. Newsletters should carry the information that you would like to pass along to your market. These newsletters can be included as part of a journal that goes out periodically informing your market of what you offer and how they can acquire these services.