Jim palmer here right from my floating office. It’s time to get happy and have some fun. It doesn’t matter if others are working. Am out here on Mondays these days officially and as always, reading inspiration content. ‘The Time to Be Happy Is Now’ by Ken is the book I have been reading the past weekend. It’s an amazing book that pushes you to become better. I will point out some great content from the book. Change is key to happiness. It’s about growth. A very good example is when you put on the same clothes for a week, it seizes to be exciting. The attire can be great but only on Monday. By the time it gets to Tuesday, you are done, and happiness is gone. Get rid of crap that steals away your time. Another lesson is about speed. You don’t have to wait till things get better. It’s about time to act every moment. If you can’t give out something small when you are poor, you won’t be able to give out much when you get rich. Giving out and being generous comes with happiness. Go out and help someone feel better today. That’s all till next week.