Barriers to growth comes in very many different forms. Identifying where resistance is originating from is a key part in helping you move forward. It is an insidious force that will keep holding you back. It may come in the form of a comment from a spouse, friend, coach, relative etc., it may be a person or a mindset. The thing is at the end of the day, these different forms of resistance will always make you question yourself and the work that you want to do. Once you have started questioning yourself and what it is you would like to focus on then you develop a fear of sorts when it comes to handling that matter. The normal human reaction to this fear is to procrastinate its resolution as much as possible in a bid to avoid it. It is not uncommon to find people who may be having an ongoing enemy of growth in the name of resistance in their personal lives or business lives and fail to identify it.

Say for instance you are an author and you actually love being an author and the perks that come with it. This is a good thing and you probably have ambitions of becoming a world renowned author in your field. One of the things that may be pulling you back may be your ability to sit and concentrate. It is common knowledge that not everyone possesses the ability to sit still and concentrate on something for extended periods of time. This habit makes it very difficult for the individual to sit down and actually write a book. This is what we are referring to as resistance and tends to stagnate your upward mobility.

The way to deal with resistance is by activating an action plan. Once you understand that resistance is an enemy of growth, then you can begin to work towards a much better solution and positive outcome to the whole situation. For instance, if you are an author who finds it difficult to sit down and write without getting distracted, you may want to start with smaller milestones that give you the impetus to complete the work load that you have. For instance, on those days that you do not feel like writing, you may write simpler parts of the book like the forward, the table of contents, the summary notes and so on and so forth. The result is that you eat into your resistance slowly by slowly and eventually succeed in achieving your goals.
Once you recognize the power that lays in the small achievements that are in your life, you will be invigorated to do more. In most cases, you may even get the psyche to actually complete the chapter that you are supposed to.

To recap what we have gone through in this piece; resistance is an enemy of growth that can be quashed with simple actions. These actions will take you closer to achieving your target step by step helping you grow as you would like to.