You have a website, you have your business logo, and you have at least a LinkedIn and Facebook presence with more than a handful of followers. However, no matter what you seem to do you do not see the dramatic increase in traffic to your website or purchases from your online store.

The problem is not what you have done; it  is what you aren’t aware you need to do to learn how to attract customers online. In fact, most blogs and articles are very vague about the specifics, but there are some effective techniques that you can use that will have a positive, measurable impact on your current customer base numbers.

To help you to frame the age-old question of how to attract customers online, think of why you shop at specific online sites. Go to your favorites, the ones you shop at often, and stop and think about why you choose this site over the alternatives. It may be:

  • The site is easy to navigate and find information, products or helpful content
  • The site offers top prices, free shipping, loyalty programs or incentives to buy
  • The website loads fast, has a simplified checkout process, and has always been a secure site for transactions

You may have many other reasons as well for shopping at a particular site, and make a note of these.

Next, go to your site and compare. You may not offer the same range of products, but your site should be:

  • Easy to navigate and contain an internal search bar for easy location of information, products or services
  • Offers an incentive for customers to buy from your site
  • Load fast, have eye-catching layout and not have a lot of extra “stuff” that makes it look cluttered or slows down loading or viewing across multiple devices.

Make the necessary changes to clean up the website and give it a more streamlined and professional look. Next, you have several other techniques you can use to boost new customers and encourage your existing customer to keep coming back.

Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Emails from Website Sign-Up

One of the best options in how to attract customers online is to provide the opportunity to connect and provide information, help, advice or relevant content to existing and new customers.

On each page of the website offer the option to sign-up for a weekly, monthly or a quarterly email newsletter. There are lots of very low-cost options that provide a range of templates to allow you to quickly and easily create your own newsletters to reach out to customers.

SEO Audits and Tweaks

Your standing on the search engine page is still the biggest factor in attracting new customers. After all, if you aren’t in the top 5-10 results you are very unlikely to get any traffic from the search engine sites.

The key is to know what keywords or search terms your customers are using. You will also want to use those keywords in your content. However, secondary keywords are also important to use correctly, without keywords stuffing which will actually result in lowering your rankings.

Remember that you can also have the search engines rank your site on images, but you will need to use the alt tag to let the search engines know what the images feature. This is a very simple way to boost SEO strategies.

How to Attract Customers Online with a Loyalty Program

Offering a loyalty program or a frequent buyer program online is really a very simple process. There are many different low-cost software programs or cloud-based programs that allow customers to create a unique login and password. The system then tracks their purchases and automatically provides the specific discounts, perks or incentives you have set up in the system.

Another option that may be a worthwhile investment is to consider designing an app that will be helpful for your customers to order, to have access to information, or to provide them with some value related to your products and services. The app can link to your website, creating a steady stream of new customers that are already interested in what you are selling.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

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