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Volume 9, Issue 42 | October 20, 2015 | Subscribe Today

Jim's Personal Note

Hello %$firstname$%

I spent a very chilly weekend on the Perfect Timing cleaning it out and getting ready to pull the boat out of the water for the long winter.

After my favorite peperoni pizza Saturday night, I went through my phone and looked at several of my favorite summer ‘boat pics’ and guess what – my grandson Nathan is in every one of them! :)

Nathan loves my boat and I’m very blessed to be able to spend some real quality time with him.

Stephanie and I are hoping for one more cruise this coming weekend so we can check out some of the beautiful fall foliage on the Chesapeake Bay.

Stick Like Glue Radio: Secrets of Time Management with Kevin Kruse. On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview New York Times bestselling author, and Forbes columnist, Kevin Kruse. Over the last 20 years Kevin has started or co-founded several multi-million dollar companies which have won awards for both fast growth (Inc. 500) as well as employee engagement (#4 Best Place to Work in PA). Listen or download this powerful interview here.  

Newsletter Guru TV! Business Building Lessons from the Hot Seats! - In this special episode of Newsletter Guru TV I a powerful business building lesson from one of the hot seats I did as part of my recent Mastermind on the Chesapeake! This is something nearly every entrepreneur goes through – do not miss it!  Watch this episode by clicking here!


Jim Palmer
The Newsletter Guru & Your Dream Business Coach

Weekly Profit Booster

Printed Newsletters Are Back!

If you listen to some experts in customer relationship marketing they’ll tell you that good ‘old-fashioned’ printed newsletters are “back!” When it comes to tried-and-true marketing tools, those that mean evergreen profits for companies each year, printed newsletters always work. In fact, I don’t believe that printed newsletters are really experiencing a comeback at all because printed newsletters never went away!\

There are a few reasons that many entrepreneurs and small-business owners don’t even like to think about printed newsletters. The first is that they think design and layout will be too expensive. Second, they feel that there will be enormous distribution and mailing costs. But the two most popular reasons people give for not producing a monthly print newsletter is that it takes too long and they don’t know what to write about.

So why are printed newsletters still so eternally effective?

  • Print is still the preferred way to read larger documents.
  • Print doesn’t have to compete with as much “noise” as e-mail does.
  • Physical mail can be scanned quickly and the junk thrown away.
  • Your customers look forward to it
  • They’re not seen as just another sales solicitation
  • Newsletters are an effective way to introduce new products and services
  • Print newsletters are a highly-effective ‘referral’ tool

Yet another reason that the printed newsletter works well is that it shows the customer that you are successful enough to invest a little bit of money in your business in the form of a print newsletter. It adds credibility to what you say.
After all, anyone with a computer can send email! But sending out your own printed newsletter shows that you are conscientious and reliable, and that you truly value your customers and the relationship you have with them. It instills trust and confidence in your product or service, as well as helping to build lasting bonds between you and your customer.

Customer newsletters are an awesome way to maintain and build relationships with your customers, clients, and prospects. This is the one of the primary reasons your company should start a newsletter. In addition, a properly written newsletter is an awesome way to generate a lot of repeat and referral business.
Here are five quick tips to focus on idea that will surely please your sales manager.

  • Talk about the benefits of purchasing your product or service.
  • Explain to your readers why your product or service is such a good value.
  • Compare a new and improved product to one that they may already own.
  • Point your readers to your Web site for more information.
  • Make sure that your newsletter has a monthly special offer.

Final tip: When you first start to writer your newsletter, close your eyes and ask yourself the following: “What is important to my customers and what will they enjoy reading about?” If you do this on a regular basis, your newsletter will produce more positive results.

I highly suggest that you commit right now to starting (or restarting) your monthly print newsletter. Yes, I said print newsletter! Dollar for dollar, newsletters are the most effective marketing tool available. Plus, customers who read your newsletter are usually in a good position to do business with you again and recommend your product or service to others.

If you’re ready for more profitable repeat and referral business, I invite you to check out my wildly popular “Done-for-You” newsletter marketing system, No Hassle Newsletters at

Learn more secrets on how to use a newsletter to boost your business in my book, The Magic of Newsletter Marketing - The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life.

Profit Explosion

1People buy when they're ready to buy and they refer when they’re ready to refer - they call the shots! So, your job as the chief marketer of your business is to keep your name and message in front of your customers, clients, patients, and prospects as much as possible so you stay ‘top of mind.’ This is the best way for you to be the first person they think of when that time occurs.

Newsletter Guru Sighting


Here is Jim with another investor 'Shark' from ABCs hit TV Show, Shark Tank, Daymond John, co-founder of FUBU.

Facebook: Showcase Your Expertise; Build Your Brand, and Drive Traffic!

1Chances are, the audience that you are trying to reach is already using Facebook. With more than 500 million users each day, the odds are definitely in your favor. It’s a free resource and if you’re not yet using it to build your targeted audience, you need to change that and quickly.

Facebook is more than just creating a profile and posting pictures. Many mistakenly think that Facebook is simply a way for teenagers to make their mark on the world or for countless others to play a never-ending stream of games. But when it comes to business, there are more than enough features to use to drive traffic to your blog or website.

Common Interest

You and your audience have something in common: you and your blog or website. They are interested in your niche and, since they’ve subscribed to or follow your blog, they’re interested in what you have to say. In the same way they’ve chosen to follow your blog, it is likely that they will join a Facebook group or Facebook fan page that you create.

Here’s the key: don’t make the group or page directly about your blog or website. It has to be broader than that. The reason for this is so that those Facebook users searching for your topic will find your group and feel compelled – and welcome – to join. If they find your group and see that it’s related only to your blog or website, they may not even visit your group or page let alone join. This means, you’ve lost a potential reader and follower of your blog.

If you haven’t yet, check out No Hassle Social Media, my done-for-you social media program that eliminates the guess work and even provides you with an unlimited supply of content! Visit

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A Cool Resource

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